Love in Nightingale and the rose

  • Q1:- What is the strength of love in this story?
  • What is main theme of the story ?
  • Justify the title of the story

Love in “Nightingale and the rose”

Ans:- The story “Nightingale and the rose’’ is totally based on love. In this story, love “in nightingale and the rose is on top it is main theme of the story .We find two character who grip in love. The young student loves the daughter of professor .The second character of love is a nightingale Nightingale is mar of pure love She loves with out any considerations She loves sake for love but on the other hand , the student has some physical desire by his lover . He loves for human and lover. The young student wants to love of his girl friend. He wants to do dance with his girl friend. His friend demands to him to the red rose. The young student does not find the any red rose. Now he is seeing end of his love. He cries for help. The animals of wild see his condition and ask to other animals, “Why he is crying?’’ The nightingale said that, “ he wants a red rose’’.

Nightingale says that “love is a real asset’’. Love is costly than pomegranate and jewllery. The merchant cannot buy it. Nightingale thinks that love is life. This story is based on love. The nightingale is a real character of love in this story. she sacrifices her life for love lover, but the lover of boy shows the hypocrisy and rejects his love. There is the writer give us lesson in this story that we should love with humanity like a nightingale does and we should offer our life for love

In short , it becomes clear love is on top in Nightingale and the rose ,at the end love wins that was nightingal”s love

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