A Tale of two Cities detailed Summary

In “A Tale of two Cities “detailed Summary informs us about condition of two cities London and Paris, it has historical background in itself.

In 1775, when King George was the ruler of England, the law and order situation was extremely bad. Crimes were rampant. Thefts and robberies were commonplace. On the other hand, the situation in France was even worse. The economy was devastated and atrocities in the name of religion continued. In a situation where children’s hands and tongues were cut off on the slightest suspicion, the common people were quietly preparing for a revolution against these atrocities. There was an atmosphere of doubt and fear everywhere

A Tale of two Cities detailed Summary

It was the last day of November, and on Friday night a horse-drawn carriage with four passengers pulled down with great difficulty due to the heavy weight and height of the mud.

It was a very cold weather and they were talking very little because they were strangers. Everyone was suspicious of each other because of the bad situation. They were afraid of being robbed. An armed guard was also present in the horse-drawn carriage

At high speed another man on horseback came to inquire about Jerus Lori. The man who brought the message was Jerry Kiran Char. He and Jerus Lori were both employees of Tel Sons Bank.

Jerry Curran had brought a message from the bank to Jerus Lori to arrive in Dover to wait for a girl who would accompany him to Paris, France. He said that as soon as a girl came to see him, he sent her to his room. At noon the girl named Lucy May arrived. She was a beautiful 17-year-old girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. She has been instructed by Tel Sons Bank that she wants to go to France because of her late father’s property.

So he should travel with Geros because he is also an employee of the same bank and in this connection he is going to France. That is why he was informed on the way that he should wait for the girl. Geros informed this girl Lucy about the matter. He tells her that the girl’s father is not dead but alive

He was imprisoned a long time ago in a prison in Paris, France. The girl’s father was a very intelligent man and a doctor by profession. His name was Alexander Maine. He married an English girl and one day he suddenly disappeared. Despite much searching, when he could not find her, his wife lost her daughter. The same girl came to London with Lucy and handed over her affairs to Tel Sons Bank. Jarvis Lori was still an employee of the same bank and was involved in these affairs at that time as it is now. The girl’s mother also died from these things. The girl, Lucy, learned that she was going to Paris to visit her father, not to settle property issues. After spending 18 years in prison, her father’s condition must have worsened. She was so upset to hear these strange truths that she fainted. She was taken care of and Russia invited her to go to Paris with the two of them because she needed to take care of the girl but she refused.

Now the chaotic situation in France is showing poverty and atrocities. On a dirty road, a drum of wine fell from the hands of the people and broke. As time passed, they ran to this side and began to swallow the wine between the rocks. The red wine that had been mixed with the earth was completely wiped out. It was a feast for them. After drinking for a while, people were laughing and laughing and praying for each other’s health. It was clear that they loved each other. Every poor person felt the poverty of the other. AlsoAnd the thought, after a while of happiness, again felt as if the place was a graveyard. All the people were silent. They were sad. Their condition was very bad because of the cold and poverty. The color was red. Anyone who drank alcohol had red spots on his clothes in different parts of his body. It was as if there was no alcohol, there was no blood.BloodWrote

A Tale of two Cities detailed Summary

They were poor. There was filth everywhere. There was disease. There was no means of gaining knowledge. Above all, there was nothing to eat. Everybody was poor. He was hungry. Hungry people were not only hungry but also frightened because the bloodthirsty dogs seemed to be following them. Their bodies were weak and their souls were wounded. Although they were scared, everyone wanted revengeThat is why there was a desire for revenge in the heart. That is why they were developing weapons with the desire to take revenge. To end oppression. The word blood written on the wall was the voice of their heart. The oppression of the poor was too great and they knew that rivers of blood flowed like alcohol on the streets and the revolution would surely come. Jarvis Lori Lucy Maine and Miss Pros from London were sitting in a bar owned by two revolutionary couples named Ernest Deferg and Madame Deferge. They all went upstairs to see Dr. Maine where they made shoes. I was busy. He was taught this job in prison. He had no knowledge of his surroundings. When asked, he gave his name as 105 North Tower, the name of the prison cell where he had been imprisoned for eighteen years. His daughter Lucy spoke of his love for him and said that he had come to take her back to London. After Mr. Maine, it was as if the machine had been thinking for a long time, understanding and answering, and it was difficult to bear the light because of living in a dark prison cell. His daughter, Lucy, was crying. She was loving her father. At first he sat in amazement and then he saw the girl’s hair. They had some long blonde hair and wondered how it was possible that they were the same. They were exactly the same when I was arrested. They were on my shoulders because at that time my lovely innocent daughter put her head on my shoulders. I begged the people of the prison to let me have this sign of my daughter. These children cannot help me to escape, but they will continue to give peace to my soul. Daughter, who are you? In response, she was crying without her father. John’s face was bright, his eyes were shining, dear Abu Jan, I have come to pick you up, we will go to our country, now we will live together, we will live a happy life, they both kept crying and loving each other. Arranged the journey. The prisoner’s father was in a strange condition. He was not thinking about what was happening. He was in prison or free. It is said that there was fear in his eyes, but he knew that the girl was his daughter. Seeing her and hearing her voice brought satisfaction on his face and brightness in his eyes. Arrived in Englandt’s March 1780 and five years have passed since their return to London.

A Tale of two Cities detailed Summary

The 425-year-old handsome young man is accused of being French and traveling from France to England several times because he was important and valuable. Deliver documents from England to FranceAnd this spy should be sentenced to death. Many people were waiting for his death sentence because the sight of his death was very interesting to them. His lawyer Mr. Strawer proved that John Bursad and Roger Wrist himself is a spy and, interestingly, his own assistant, Sidney Carton, looks exactly like the accused, so he could be caught cheating. There was also the fact that the two were very similar in shape and physique. The court acknowledged this fact and the accused Dar was released. While everyone was congratulating him, Dr. Maine looked at him carefully and a few Her health began to decline due to the onset of old memories and she was rushed home. In fact, she was greatly disturbed by the memories she had of Charles Darren. Sydney Carton had the biggest role in the release of Chalis Dale, but no one knew that he and the accused had very similar shapes. The court had ordered his release. He complains to the world that no one cared about him in his life and now he doesn’t care about anyone in the world. He and his barrister Mr. and were friends from school time. With his help, he was able to get ahead and he himself was left behind. Due to his grief, he started drinking heavily, while his barrister, Mr. Stryvar, was a heavy drinker. Alexander Maine, as the name suggests, was a doctor in France. He was recovering and he was in England. He had also begun to see patients, but he was still sometimes disturbed by old memories of prison, and at that time he was engaged to Jorus Lori, who had become his friend and often came to see him. She took care of the house and it was bad for Lucy to meet Charles Darney and Sydney Carton who often came to visit her.

A Tale of two Cities detailed Summary

The poor were not getting bread and the rich had four employees just to prepare food. Instead of running government affairs, the party was focused on luxuries. The difference is that the law is enforced where there is self-interest and where the benefit of the poor is seen, there is no question of enforcing the law. The rich believed that gaining the world and its comforts was their religious and legal right while the poor had no right. When the rich man’s wealth began to run out, he would tie the knot of his family member to another rich man and regain his wealth and continue his luxuries. The moral and administrative condition of those who ran the country was extremely bad. The soldiers did not know about war. Religious people were far from religion. The government was occupied by incompetent people. The rich were treated brilliantly and the poor were dying without treatment. The value of false scholars and the worthlessness of the literate. Not even torn old clothes for the poor and luxurious clothes for the rich, but these luxurious clothes and feasts were visible to the hungry people. A similarly rich man, Marquee Averymont, was riding in his magnificent horse-drawn carriage. His carriage was running at a very high speed. People were frightened and ran here and there to save their lives. Kar died. Usually on such occasions cars would go ahead without seeing anyone who died. But the car stopped. A poor man said, “I’m sorry, the child came down and died.” Then a tall man stepped forward. The father was exhausted with grief. He screamed. You killed him. My child has passed away. The rich man Markey said angrily, “You can’t even protect your children. My horses could have been injured. The man shouted, ‘My child is dead.’ Defarge, who was the owner of the bar and who had sheltered Dr. Mane, came there. The father of the child hugged him and began to cry. Everyone was silent. Defarge said, “Don’t worry, my friend. The rich man threw the gold coin at Defarge. He was satisfied that he had paid the price for the child’s death, but the coin fell back on his horse-drawn carriage, which splattered. The rich man became very angry and cursed and said that all of them could be killed or the car could pass over them. The rich man was saying that this was the law and he could really do all this. Defarge’s wife was also there. He was busy making hands fast. There was anger and hatred in his eyes, but for a rich man, these were all rats who had no significance. His car went ahead and other cars followed him Departed

A Tale of two Cities detailed Summary

What important member of society was there who was not in this caravan of cars but was a companion of the rich and the poor were rats but these rats when they went to their burrows at night, their minds were preparing for a revolution to fight against the atrocities against them. The flames were rising in their hearts. Madame Defarge was the most prominent of them. Her fingers were always busy. The names of the people who were to be sentenced to death. Markey reached her house where she meets her nephew. This is Charles. Darren, who was on trial in England, is rich himself

Averymond is a member of the family but strongly opposes the wrongdoings of the rich and says that although the property is supposed to belong to him, he refuses to take it and England will take up permanent residence. He argues with his uncle. It is a mistake to oppress the poor. Even a poor, honest and sincere person who wants to stop it from indulging in luxuries and wrongdoings has done away with it. The law is being misused. Couldn’t fulfill wish

His uncle, Markey, said: “It is only right to protect and maintain the heritage that we have inherited. Only strict rule can bring about a successful government. As long as the universe exists, people will continue to understand the language of harshness and violence.” The power we have is that oppression is necessary for it. Don’t forget how many people want such power and how few have it. For a long time they kept arguing in their favor and then Markey went to bed. He remembers the events of the day. The child falls under the car and dies. He is told near the house that his horse is hanging under the car. No one knows who he was or where he went.

In the morning, the eyes of the people were opened by the sound of the bell. Everyone was upset. It was learned that Markey had been killed while he was asleep. K’s father had avenged the murder of his child. The comrades of D-Defarge who would support him in the revolution were called the same Yak. That the palace and all its inhabitants should be erased from the face of the earth

Madame Defarge has also made her name. This is the safest way to write her name. Others cannot read her name and those names will be revealed at the time of death.

A Tale of two Cities detailed Summary

A year has passed and Charles Darney is living in England. He has taken up the profession of teaching people French and has given up all his wealth and property. One day he talks about his marriage to Dr. Maine, Lucy’s father, and expresses his love for Lucy. The doctor agrees. On the other hand, Mr. Strawer also wants to marry Lucy. He sends a wedding message to Jarvis Lori. Comes but fails Sydney Carton also loves Lucy very much but instead of giving her a wedding message he tells her that if you ever need me in life my life will always be there for you

Jerry Cruncher runs a part-time assistant business. His honest business is to get men out of the grave and sell them to doctors who used these dead bodies in various medical fields. Defarge and his wife Madame Defarge’s pub was in fact a stronghold of the revolutionary people where they all met and worked out the strategy of the revolution. All these revolutionaries called each other by the name of Yak. Madam Defarge was always busy making Is being made in the wool of those who had to be executed as a punishment after the revolution because Markey’s killer was hanged, so in the bar they decided that all Markey’s property would be destroyed. And all of his family will be killed, though Charles Darren

He had separated himself from the evils and vices of Marki, but to them he was also a member of the same family. The patience of the revolutionaries was running out. They wanted to complete their mission as soon as possible and end the tyranny. John Bursad, who is a spy and is in France. Says Lucy Maine

Is getting married to Charles Darney. This is bad news for them because Charles Darney Her name has become Madame Defarge and they intend to kill her after the revolution. They have no sympathy for her but Dr. Maine’s daughter.

Lucy is very respectful to him. Now he wants Charles Darnay to never come to France, otherwise his death is certain. Charles was married to Lucy. After a few days of illness, Dr. Maine recoveredSydney Carton, on the other hand, and Charles Darren

A Tale of two Cities detailed Summary

Mr. Strawer also married a wealthy widow. Lucy also had a daughter named Lucy and a son who died. He told me about the bad situation in France and said that the people there were transferring money to England for fear of a revolution. The people of France were strongly opposed to King Louis. And the fortress in which the Bastille prison was built was attacked by 25,000 people with all kinds of weapons. So many people whose hearts were going mad with anger were going to the prison. Where did so many weapons come from? What hands helped them? Take this gun. You take this pistol and these bullets. Hurry it. You don’t have a weapon. Take this stick. Yes, you take this ax. Nothing was found. His anger was so great that he was looking for bricks which he could use as a weapon. The bricks also ran out. It was a day of extinguishing the fire of anger with the expression of hatred. It seemed that this fire would be extinguished with the life of the oppressor, even if the lives of these people were not lost during this time. His wife, who was always busy with something, was still busy with her hands, not only in becoming but also in playing with pistols and axes. A large number of women were also present with her to sacrifice their lives for the end of oppression. People were so mad that today no weapon could stop them. Defarge was giving orders to other people and the cannon was constantly firing. Then this sea of ​​people was conquered. Bastille prison authorities surrendered Defarge. While he was in prison with his colleagues, Defarge searched Dr. Mene’s cell number 105 because of the atrocities in prison, and recovered what Dr. Mene had hidden there.

The governor of the Bastille prison was beheaded for saying that if there was no bread, the hungry people should eat grass. He was caught, his mouth was filled with grass, and then the governor of the prison was hanged. He was pushed and forced to move forward. Then he was beaten to death. Madame Defarge calmly watched him being killed. When he died, he cut off his head with his sharp dagger and separated him from his body. The spirit of vengeance was that which was not cold at all. After beheading it, it was trampled underfoot. The seven who were carried on their shoulders were the heroes who were released from prison. The slogans were loud and loud. In England, Charles Darney, who belonged to the Marquis family, received a letter from a postman in Coga. On August 14, 1792, he wrote a letter to Dr. Maine and Lucy detailing the reasons for his trip to France, and tried to get the letter to them as soon as he left. Strange scenes were seen and slogans of freedom were written everywhere. Finally, the revolutionaries killed Charles.

Was also arrested as a participant in past atrocitiesAnd he was imprisoned. Deferred that it was wrong for him to come to France, but he was with the revolutionaries.

Jarvis Lori

He was in France dealing with his bank business. He was shocked to see Dr. Maine and Lucy there. As soon as he received Charles’ letter, he arrived. The hero and therefore everyone greeted him warmly. They were trying to save Charles while thousands of prisoners were being killed daily. King Louis and his queen wife had also been killed. Charles had spent fifteen months in prison, was tried in a revolutionary court and was released, but was re-arrested that evening. Sydney Carton, who was presented against him as irrefutable evidence written in prison, also came to Paris when he came to know about all these things. There was a plan in the mind of this sincere man. In order to put it into practice, he bought a deep-sleep drug from a drugstore. On the other hand, the trial of Charles resumed. Prisoner of WarHe was also a member of the same family and everyone was shouting slogans for his death. Defarge was only in favor of killing Charles Darnay but his wife also wanted to kill Lucy and her daughter to avenge her sister. Sydney Carton heard this and realized that everyone’s lives were in danger. He started his plan and told Jarvis Lori that everyone would be killed here and told him that his On the way back, the horse-drawn carriage should be kept ready for the return to England, and when it arrives, all the people should flee from here to England. Charles Darney Waiting for his death, which was certain, he insisted on taking care of Lucy and the baby girl in a letter.

He found Charles unconscious with a handkerchief in a handkerchief and put on his own clothes. Because of the striking resemblance between the two, no one doubted, and Sydney Carton was among the 52 prisoners awaiting death.

Madame Defarge went to see Lucy as part of her conspiracy to speak out against the revolutionaries and to persuade her to do the same. Charlie was replaced by Sydney at No. 23 and was beheaded and killed. In fact, the same man loved Lucy the most, and that’s why. He sacrificed for his love. People who saw his severed head said that he looked very happy and beautiful and he was very satisfied at that time.

A Tale of two Cities detailed Summary

That was a great time. That was a very bad time. That was the age of intellect and consciousness and in it the age of intellect and consciousness was not known till far It was also a time of certainty and a time of doubt and uncertainty That was the season of light and that was the season of darkness Hopes are like spring and disappointments are like autumn Sometimes it seems we have everything and sometimes it seems we are empty handed We have nothing We were all going to heaven or maybe we were going to hell It would not be wrong to say that the situation of this period was similar to that of our present day and its most important people seem to be adamant that this period should be given a certificate of acceptance with all the good and bad.


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