Chaucer as a Modern Poet or Medieval

Chaucer as a modern poet

Chaucer is modern poet in the sense of humour, art of characterization, human nature witty style ,ironical statements   which are made in modern term .As far as Chaucer’s  poetry is concerned it is based  on modern policy because his poetry speaks about those problems which are faced by today. Chaucer is a poet  who belongs to 14th century age  and his poetry deals with human nature having been passed  very  many centuries  human’s nature did not change  but human’s nature is still remain same it can not be  changed   in any case ,this was informed us by Chaucer six centuries ago that is why  we can say that Chaucer as a poet who consider human’s  nature with full vigorous .Chaucer’s modernity   can be discussed under this point of views Chaucer uses language in his poetry that is now England’s  current standard language  ,no doubt, it has changed in many Syntax as well as vocabulary but  which dialect Chaucer chooses it is still England language but question is that how is this modernity in the sense of new era the answer is that  when Chaucer’s age becomes the eyes of the reader then he sees this was  an age of unrest  and transition and in  England four dialects were spoken at mostly his contemporaries copied or  followed French or Italian dialects but Chaucer for the first time elects  England Midland dialects which is now England standard language at all. An  other ingredients of modernity of  his poetry is that he is realist in his approach when his contemporaries were making their poetry in dreams and allegory he was  still depicting human nature ,he never tries to do excessive  in any case .He writes , he paints, he depicts only men and women that they are as they look as like ,he  represents them Chaucer suggests those problems  that are faced by today, so it can be said that he is not classical poet rather he is modern poet his characters which have been delineated   they are  not worn out and outdated yet they can see in in different stage of life. His Yeoman can be found in any military of any country , his knight resembles “General” , his poor parson, his clerk, his prioress are still alive and doing their jobs in various sectors or institutions. Chaucer paints  real human being he never creates any  Supernatural  human being like his contemporary writes about dream and allegory and mostly kings and princes but Chaucer touches all the classes  which are  necessary for any society it is not wrong to say that drama play  starts with Chaucer ‘s  poetry it is Platonic theory character is primary and plot is secondary  in any tragedy and perfect character represents by Chaucer it is who makes the character as real as he is. His poetry gives life to comedy , comedy play starts with him the prologue Canterbury Tales is not less than a human drama which is acted on the road all the characters are come and the play their respective role.

“If we take 30 percent of Goldsmith, 50 percent of Fielding and 20 percent of Walter Scott and vitalize this compound with the spirit of 14th century, perhaps we should get fairly near to another Chaucer.”

“Chaucer is a modern among the medieval and medieval among the moderns.”

Chaucer has a philosophy of universal tolerance.”


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