Doctor Faustus as a Renaissance Play

Doctor Faustus as a Renaissance Play

No doubt about that Doctor Faustus  is a Renaissance Play and can be  taken as a Renaissance Play because we find out all ingredients in this play that are presents in Renaissance age . It was an age of change, exploration, new learning, revival of GREEK MYTHOLOG, the people were going towards science and religion was  going to down some extent or more the religion was a huge obstacle on the path of the progresses well as human ‘s progress

Individualism in Renaissance has very much significance, this was an age in which the man made the Centre of the world or may be said that this world was considered  better than next world that is why Doctor Faustus prefers to this world than to next world. He leaves the World of God and takes the world of

That days gone when two plus two was four, the renaissance age was quiet different than medieval age in this age two plus two was not four rather the people thought how they could make two plus two sixteen, it means the age was revolt against old traditions and customs, the people wanted to do something different in their lives, they had been bored by same and dull life as the doctor Faustus does in this play, he converts into black magic and leaves old traditional activities God is one , the earth is static, the matter of heaven and hell were useless thoughts and in these there was nothing but conservation at all.

Lust for power is one the greatest features of the Renaissance age , for sake of power doctor Faustus discard the religion because in medieval days the power was in the hands church and clergymen

Revolt against Pope’s authority was considered the custom of renaissance spirit
because the pope was earthly God and he had entire power in his hands and
revolt against pope mighty be considered directly to church but Faustus never
ever hesitates and revolts against these authorities , it can shown when
Faustus went pope’s place and where he teased him and ate his food. However, he
made a fun of him and insulted him very much.

Thirst for learning was famous in renaissance age and in Doctor Faustus Play Renaissance siprit can be seen he is thirsty as well as lusty to new learning.

power for power or lust for power is common in renaissance age


Discovery of sciences one the greatest element of renaissance age in which
Darwin theory is on top which makes cause of discard of religion in which
theory Darwin suggests that a man was monkey and he changed by evolutions in
various periods this thing was refusal of Adam and Eve creation and made
curiosities in human beings the fall of man was considered merely a cock and
bull story or false fairy tales that just satisfied to mind only but in reality
it was nothing .In the same way and same curiosity we find in Faustus character
when he asks to Beelzebub is hell present or not then he answers hell is
present and everywhere hell is present there is no virtues .

Love Beauty is an element of renaissance
period and this can be seen in Helen episode when Faustus demands for Helen who is the most beautiful woman in this world for her a war had been fought

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