Doctor Faustus is a Tragic Hero

It is separate discussion Doctor Faustus is tragic hero or not . Aristotle’s point of view according to poetics, there are requirements at under below

A tragic Hero has good status in society ;he must be belong to royal family, he must be good not perfect at all ,he prefers to goodness not evil he has error of judgement, he has hubris, excessive pride, he has element of hamartia, he must be good by nature, he must be suffer from prosperity to adversity. He should be king; prince, not common man.

When we study the character of Doctor Faustus then we find some of them elements that or above mentioned but not the whole.

But it does not mean he is perfect and computerize man he also has error of judgement excessive Pride, rashness. etc. He has hubris in himself without knowing it . He has hot temperament, he makes decisions in very hasty manners. His feeling of pride as well as know to everything bring his  destruction

Error of judgement is soul of any tragedy without it , there is no conception of tragedy, it is error of judgement of Doctor Faustus that brings about his tragic flaw .He has errors in himself that he wants to know everything because, that is why he learns black magic , he starts to nourish false hopes in himself, he can do everything with his left hand, he starts to consider to superior to others .His error of judgement at least is not ended here, he  not only insults to god angels but also insults God authority, he humiliates good angels and makes a fun of them, he becomes doubtful about GOD’s loyalty who is too loyal for him. It is his hot temperament, self confidence that brings about his downfall. His excessive pride plays a vital role in his tragic flaw he is too proudly on his intellectual mind ,his cleverness and his extra smartness etc. His feeling of pride brings tragedy in his life there are so many places that where good angels and old man want to stop him about black magic but he proves to be stubborn in every case. First of all, good angel prevents him do not learn black magic and do not give his soul and comes toward God who is very merciful for siner but he jumps into hell go ahead for the sake of knowing everything that is why he meets his tragic end

If will look upon his tragedy one thing is seen very easily and that is fate we can’t ignore the power of it it is fate that ruins the life of Doctor Faustus or free will . In “Oedipus Rex” play fate plays a role as an agent of god in every place , he does sins  in unconscious not in consciously question is that why would Oedipus punished having been innocent ?So ,answer comes to over mind it will of God and Goddesses and we know that our fate is made by god, it becomes clear that fate makes him tragic hero while on the other hand Doctor Faustus play is not fatalist rather he uses free will, he openly accepts the black magic and leaves to God. As far as Doctor Faustus’s character is concerned it is very clear even though a common man can understand his tragedy ;it means he is so easy that when we feel him in hands of free will we do not become little bit confuse about his tragedy .

As we know that a tragic hero must pass through prosperity to adversity , if he passes through adversity to prosperity then there is no tragedy or tragic hero because that hero gets prosperity in his life and we will not get any pity and fear on him .And the element of pity and fear may loss its importance and it will be considered a happy ending.

At least but not lost we can say that Doctor Faustus is confirmed tragic hero in the sense of Aristotle’s point of views because he fills full all the requirements that are given by Aristotle in” POETICES


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