• Is Hedda a dishonest character and  who wants to control others destiny ?
  • Hedda is a character who always gives respect herself over others (Discuss)

There is no doubt about that Hedda wants to control others destiny in this play The environment in which she  has brought  up,where it is taught to always look down on upon others .Where there is no feeling of emotions but there is only the status which consider on the top .She wants  to control others  destiny .Hedda’s  biggest issue is that her  age has increased and the second one is that  she can no longer maintain her status without finicial resoures .She is forced to marry Tesman  so that she can maintain  identity in her society. Instead of facing the society thinks of fighting to it.And that’s her the  biggest tragic flaw .She realizes that nobody is like her but that is her the biggest mistake .She lives in a world that  she  has  made with her own hands ,she has her own world .In her world ,there is no defeat and also  defeat is not born .Despite this,  she is a dishonest woman who cheats others She cheats her husband as well .she is not like Desdemona Who dies for the pleasure of her husband Rather she is a woman who dies for herself and lives  for herself.

She wants everything to be done as she wishes, she wants to control others.As we know she cannot control herself but she wants to control others .Despite not wanting makes a triangle she does so. Here ,she seems to be out of control .And this triangle kills her  later . Who controls the fate of others, herself becomes a victim of destiny one day.Her fate  forces her  to make a triangle.It is her luck that brings her to this point .As far as the question arises  of controlling the fate of others ,She manages to some extent Tesman also dances on her gestures.She makes a fool of some extent of Thea.She never lets others know that she is not the helper of others. she is an effigy of dishonesty that she  can’t be identified by common eye rather a devil’s eye is needed to see her. She is a deceitful and clever woman who  can kill anyone for her happiness There is only one purpose of her  life and that is the enjoyment .She stays in adventure some time or the other One of the great features of her character is that she cannot be in control of anyone . Although she can die yet cannot give herself to anyone .She is a ghost of victory that cannot be broken.She does not fit into any relationship within this entire play

Neither is she a good wife nor a good mother even though that she is not a good lover. She is dishonest with every relationship She wants to keep the every  kind of relationship from other men but she avoids to keep physical relationship with men .But there is no honesty behind it rather it is trick that actually she doesn’t want to be a scandal .She is afraid of her locality, that is why she keeps away from herself like that physical relationships Whatever she does,  she has no good intention behind it rather she has a motive.We can say that she is a very good businessman She does everything in which she sees an advantage .She does not do any work that does not benefit her .When she dies in this play, we see that fun is also for her benefit .In this entire play, we can  see Hedda is as a honest woman whenever she picks up that” I have to do this thing and she does the same thing “.We can say that she is honest with just her work .And her job is only to destroy people and become herself  happy .

As far as Hedda”s dishonesty is concerned ,it is very vivid , very lucid a common man can pick up it when he reads the whole play .She is dishonest by birth,cunning behave can be seen or found her DNA. Hedda”s mischief attitude is not only by internal forces but also external.External powers are very much bring about her tragic flaw, her society norms forces her do so.In short we can say that she is embodiment of dishonesty as well as cunning , she wants to be control others fate that is impossible in this world.

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