Othello Character Traits

Othello _ A Christian Moor who has earned a high reputation as a general in the Venetian army and recently married Desdemona. Othello is one of the most admired characters in all Shakespeare’s plays. Othello character has traits which are admirable. He is admired for his nobility, straight forwardness, boundless, confidence and simplicity.

  • No other characters in Shakespeare’s plays are so simple and generous than Othello’s character.

Othello begins on a street in Venice, in the midst of an argument between Roderigo, Rich man and Iago. Rederigo has been paying Iago to help him in his suit to Desdemona. But Roderigo has just learned that Desdemona has married Othello. So he started hates Othello and similarly Iago says he hates Othello too, who recently passed him over for the position of lieutenant in favor of the inexperienced soldier Michael Cassio. So Iago made a plan to revenge from Othello.

Othello character has Traits

Very above surface of Othello’s character shows us his utmost bravery his courageous personality, his powerful attitude and above all his being good towards all the people around him but a little deeper, we go we find in him an extreme sense of insecurity, lack of trust in his love a very quick temper for his ears to be poisoned by anyone which is an ultimate and indispensable cause downfall of him.

Othello is a borne site soldier. He took part in various wars and lived in Camps. He faced many difficulties alone. He married to a beautiful and innocent lady Desdemona .She also bears affiant to Othello’s simplicity and good nature. When her best friend asked her, is Othello anxious ? She said

Who he ? I think When he was born The Sun drew all his humor on him. He is very simple man and always believed his friend Whatever Iago purrs into his ears and he can’t sees his thoughts of villainies. But his anxious and simplicity becomes the creator of his misfortune .He is an example of those persons, who would be described as simple-minded and cannot understand or grasp and who is lacking in inside. He is not only Simple-hearted but also Simple minded person. His strength is physical rather than intelligence.

He does not wait to his idea into action. When Iago stores his emotions by directly pointing out that his wife abolish relationship with Cassio. His heart was broken and quickly decided he would kill his wife and says

Think’s thou I’d make a life jealousy”

to follow still the changes of the man”

Othello is the most romantic and poetic of Shakespeare’s heroes. He loved his wife so much than other pair of lovers in the World. Even the story of his love has something romantic about it. He was always trying to impress the girls by his own acts, courage and determination. Desdemona and Othello looks a pair of romantic love looking each other .She says she loved me when I was in danger, and I loved her what she pity them.

Othello Character has one of the greatest traits that he also acquires a rare calm. He is well disciplined person and does not tell his emotions and feeling to another person and doesn’t his feeling run loose. When Barbantio asked his slave to arrest him he doesn’t afraid about this. On the other hand, he defies Barbantio and his slave with these following words.

“keep up your swords for dew will rust them “Good seignior ,you shall more command with years then with your weapons “

He is a generous man and people take full advantage from him. Because everyone knows that well the goodness and openness nature of Othello. We can be seen his nature very well when he rejected Iago’s advises.

When he said Barbantio will come to attack on him and he advised him to hide himself From this place, but Othello said he will not hide himself but he will face Barbantio boldly and courageously. He was fully confident that he did not commit any crime to married with Desdemona. He loves her and married her with her permission .When Iago told him about his Wife’s infidelity. Othello  becomes upset and moody. Iago furthers his goal of removing both Cassio and Othello by suggesting that Cassio and Desdemona are involved in an affair. He felt shame on her wife. And he wants to kill her. But cannot kill her immediately because appeal of her beauty is irresistible. He oscillates between his intense love and his wounded honor.

Othello was an easy prey of villainy by Iago’s plan.

And in the end he exorts himself by behaving that she remain as beautiful in death as was in life. He speaks to himself, as

“One who loved not wisely but took well”

Some critics say he was an easy prey to villainy?

Other maintain that Othello is ideally Noble, strong and trustful of nature that makes him an easy victim of the malignity’s other don’t agree with these critics.

They believe that Othello has a tendency to Self Dramatization and he is victim of Self Idealization. His success as a soldier has given him an inflated opinion of his own worth. However, it is, true that Othello shows some signs of jealousy. When Othello claims that he is

“not easily jealous” he probably means that the feeling of jealousy would never have entered his head ,had it not been so strongly pressed by the machinations of Iago. Kenneth Muir is of the opinion that those critics who think that Othello was self-deluded and self- dramatizing to the death are as mistaken as those who supposed that his character is flawless. All the main characters in the play bear testimony to his nobility. The whole discussion can be summed up in the words of Kenneth Muir who says : He (Othello) retains our sympathy, even in his most horrible behavior, because we remember his earlier nobility behavior reflected in the poetry , because we are conscious all the time that he has become Iago’s puppet, because we are aware of the struggle, in his mind between love and perverted views of ‘honor because he is not sexually jealous. In short Othello character has various types of traits in himself.

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