Puritanism Elements in Mourning Becomes Electra

 Puritanism Elements  in Mourning Becomes Electra:-

  • Attack on Puritanism  in Mourning Becomes Electra or Elements Puritanism

In Mourning Becomes Electra comes to see that there is only puritanism air ,or elements entire practice has been died only appearances are remaining . So first of all, what is puritanism ,in this approach or its followers of this creed follow the rule of restraint, less eating , less sleeping ,less enjoy . All the time remain in busy prayer, there is no concept of love , sex or sex before marriage.They claim that and their main slogan is that they should pure their soul as well as their mind that is why this creed is called puritanism. But there is an other question arises that where and when this term or creed started .During the reign of queen Elizabeth , when the work of reformation was less or more complete , a good deal of rebuilt and ceremonials of the “Roman Catholic’ church were still retained , though the established religion of England was Protestantism.This Protestantism in England known as Anglicanism , was a kind of compromise between extreme Catholicism and extreme Protestant .Naturally two groups of people emerged ;-

1 Those who opposed the break of with Rome .

2 Those who protested against this half hearted protestanism .

This latter set of people was called puritans , as they stood for the purest form.
Mourning Becomes Electra is a modern rewriting of the Orestia transposed  from a Agga Mannon ‘s  return to Orgoss after the Trojan War to  Ezra Mannon return to the Mannon’s  house in New England after the American Civil War. The play could have been a mechanical transference of the Greek plot to modern times.
It could have been merely a family case history from an analyst’s notebook .The meaning of the play is not dried  from the plot, but from the opposition between the the psychological imperative and puritan ethics or elements can be found in “Mourning Becomes Electra” . Its characterization, symbolism and tone are determined  by O,NEILL interpretation of the puritan heritage by Freud and psychology. “Mourning Becomes Electra” is a play set  in puritanical  surroundings  in the in midst of the puritanical people .The New England countryside,  in which the action of the play takes place is full of barren  and rocky countryside with barrend mountain range and with the people who are  actually austere ,tough and thrifty. These are  types of people, who feature in our play, In the eyes of O ,Neill  this Puritanism  is represented every kind of suppression , hypocrisy and shame behaviour and elements in “Mourning Becomes Electra”. O’Neill uses these  hypocritical attitudes in the texture of the play Mourning becomes Electra against the harsh geographical background and  heart cored people the drama of love and lust of Christine’s  Adam is played out to its tragic climax
The Mannons   house represents  a  hard tradition  bound family. Mannons are conservative and class conscious their house appears like a our sepulcher to Christine  full of puritan ugliness ,monstrosity  temple of hail and death. As it  is suggested under below:-

“It was just like [your grandfather] to build such a monstrosity—as a temple for his hatred. “

The Mannons  have a completely  puritanical approach to life .Grandfather Abba Mannon established the family business of shipping and made a pile .The family became very rich and prosperous .They are the prominent people  in the community .But Christine is not  streak in the puritanical code as the rest of the Mannon. She is emotional and foreign looking  unpuritanical .She brings the emotional streak in the prosaic Mannon family .But the Mannon are shown  hypocritical .They have their skeletons in the cupboard .

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“Secret-lookin’—’s if it was a mask she’d put on. That’s the Mannon look. They all has it. They grow it on their wives.”
In the starting chouros suggests that has  above mentioned

Uncle David fell in love with the Canaduan nurse ,Mary Brantome and married her. For this  crime he was thrown out of the house and his family portion was purchased at 1/10 of its price.

“It was just like [your grandfather] to build such a monstrosity—as a temple for his hatred. “

Even when Mary was dying of starvation Ezra does not give  to reply to her letter for help. This hard heartedness  and hatred exposes their so-called puritan piety  .The Mannons are  preoccupied with death  a sort of calvinistive dogma . .

[God] twists and wrings and tortures our lives … until—we poison each other to death!”
Show me the way to save him! … I couldn’t bear another death! Please! Please!

To think of death  is the Mannon  way of thinking. They are outwardly possess all the calvinistive puritanical virtue industry ,thrifty  regular life and piety and no redemption was possible for a sinner against this code of life. In Mourning Becomes Electra this protein puritanism is only in appearance in actual life, they are eritic ,greedy and heartless.Puritanism  believes in self control and restrainted sex . But
David  has sex with a nurse and Christine  has adultrous  relation with Adam Brant . In actual life they do not practice self control sex in associated with the family curse.

Each time I come back after being away it appears more like a sepulcher! The “whited” one of the Bible—pagan temple front stuck like a mask on Puritan gray ugliness! It was just like old Abe Mannon to build such a monstrosity—as a temple for his hatred.

Abb Mannon  threw out  David for loving and marrying a nurse a servant in the family . He could not tolerate that breach of property . He threw out David  ,pulled down the house out of revenge  and rebuild a new house  a temple of hatred . Abb Mannon curse of hatred is inherited by his successor Lavinia and Orin. Lavinia hate love Christine derides her daughter for her prudish views. She says

“ Puritan maidens  should not peer to o inquisitively into spring . Is’nt  beauty  an abomination  and love  a vile thing.”

To Ezra bodies are ashes to ashes  , dirt to dirt .But , in front, of his wife , he becomes passionate  and implores  her for  love . Lavinia  hates her  mother”s sensuality  but she herself  loves  Adam  Brant and wants Peter have her .Orin shows  even the passionate attachment to his sister with sexual overtone .He proposes that she should give a Peter and brother and sister should like Ezra and Christine From a puritan point of view such a relation would mean full damnation . So the curse begins with David and ends with Orin, each committed suicide out of sense of guilt .So the puritan approach to sex  is hypothetical . They practice no virtual in matters  of sex the  chouros throws their Puritanical decency  and self restraint to wind . The chanty man meets  a whore who robs him of his money, to some Christine  is looker and he would not mind her ghost setting on her lap .So the appearance and reality of the puritan way of life are poles apart. The main line of the plot which O’Neill borrowed from the Aeschylus is ,thus given a local habitation and a name New England  and puritanism. The principal  occurrences  are put  in perspective  by this situation  and that complex attitude .The family tradition  ,conventional  behavior  based on puritan standards ,ensures  the perpetuation  of the curse.The puritan  code provides no resources for purging guilt, in fact, there guilt cannot be publicly admitted , for the Mannons
are “the elect” to all appearances. Their fall from grace cannot be mended because it cannot be confessed. This sense of disgrace  seals the guilt up within the family.The Mannons are  caught up in their private hell and the family circle draws  around their mutual guilt.
O’ Neill  understanding of  puritanism  provides conscious motivation for the personae. The Mannons think in puritan categories .But they see their right condition in these terms . But the playwright  and audience see with their actions in a wider content that conflicts with,but also in some sense explains the puritan mentality. Puritanism does not clarify the darker matters that make the action inveitible that link crime to crime in in a necessary progress This he explains in terms of psychology  of Sigmund Freud. The Mannons publically pretend a  puritanical  front of pious  and self restrained behaviour. In practice they are dominated by hatred, passion and sex.Thus O’Neill  tears apart the puritan  facade of respectability and shows that puritan  or not ,men are men and are led by passions .O’Neill hates puritan hypocrisy .

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