Satan is Tragic Hero in Paradise Lost

John Milton in one of the greatest poets of his age .After Chaucer he has glorious place in English literature. His  style is marvelous,unique  and superior .In  “Paradise Lost’ he shows his talent with the help of great characters as well as a sublime  theme, he portrays fantastic type of characters like Christ ,Angels ,the father of humidity is Adam ,the mother of humanity is Eve ,  the greatest power is God  and father of Evil and hatred jealousy that is name Satan .He very realistic creates or paints the character of Satan .He reveals  his emotions,wrath,steadfastness, courage, leaderships qualities , undefeatable power , and determinations , and power  having lost everything but he comes to see “Tower of strength” .As far as the character of Satan is concerned he is well created work at any angels.If we see his leadership he fill fulls  all the requirements which are needed for a leader ,if we see in way of tragic  hero there is also unique there is also unique ,if we analyse his power here he is also matchless. First of all ,we analyse whether he is tragic hero or not .First of all what is tragic hero Aristotle point of view a tragic hero must be sublime , he must be good and perfect ,his suffering must be by error of judgement not consciously he must be  hubris  in himself ,he would fall from high status to downfall .He should suffer from prosperity to adversity .The feelings of pity and fear come up .

Satan is Tragic Hero in Paradise Lost:-

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When we study the character of Satan as a tragic in Paradise Lost hero we know that he has all qualities which have been mentioned above because he had high  status above all others arch Angeles . He  was a leader of them ,he had also hubris in in himself that is why he threw out  from Paradise into  hell a pool of fire .When he falls from heaven to hell a readers feels very emotional feeling at all a feeling of “Pity and Fear” comes to cross ,a reader in  which scene bound to think how a powerful leader has been helpless in that occasion. Satan’s  qualities makes  him different from others angles because having lost everything he is resistance  on the way of God .He does not accept his defeat he says that he will  fight against God  ,he does not give up his struggles  at any cost  what happened and what matter that is why he generates new army against the greatest power of the world that is name is called  God Mighty .This all reveals Satan tragic hero status before us in Paradise Lost.

” All is not lost; the unconquerable will, And study of revenge, immortal hate, And courage never to submit or yield; (And what is else not to be overcome?) That glory never shall his wrath or might Extort from me, to bow and sue for grace With suppliant knee and deify his power, Who from the terror of his arm so late Doubted his empire[.] (I, 106–114)”

He openly declares  that he would find Evil from virtues and from virtues to evils that is his main task.

“Fallen Cherub, to be weak is miserable, Doing or suffering: but of this be sure, To do augh good never will be our task; But ever to do ill our sole delight: As being contrary to his high will Whom we resist[.] (I, 157–162)”

Some people say that a time and place can change the mind of a person but  Satan  is determined ,he narrates  that hell cannot change his mind his ,his ideas and also elaborates  that he will make Heaven into  hell ,nothing matter what is hell how is heaven but fight is matter.>For more related assignments click here

“A mind not to be chang’d by Place or Time.
The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n.
What matter where, if I be still the same,
And what I should be, all but less than he
Whom Thunder hath made greater? “

He challenges the greatest authority without any fear .He  also tells that angels  it is better  than  hell and it is better than serve .we should not serve God ,we should revolt against because he is not pure  head of Justice, he always shows his authority .We are not alone we have immortal hate, study of revenge, all is not lost. 

“We shall be free; th’Almighty hath not built
Her for his envy, will not drive us hence:
Here we may reign secure, and in my choice
To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:
Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav’n.’

Satan’s dramatic  speeches also influence on the  readers  and makes him real leader, a real hero ,his  heroism also shows when  he speeches with full confidence ,with full energy ,it does not realize he has lost his heaven , he reveals His(God)  heaven is in his under feets. He creates  different garden of heaven  in hell with the help of speeches,with help of speech  he captures Eve ,he does not appear he is Satan or  prophet before the eyes of Eve .With the help of speech  he gathers all the Angels in hell.No body can refuse it ;evil is his main task ,  hell is his home ,Earth trembles under his feet ,enemy  is his God and his  anger is for mankind .He  never loses his heart because he is glorious in his action. In all perspectives he is marvelous and  sublime . Some critics represent that in Satan’s  conduct Milton appears himself before  the readers .Actually, in England he had also done Revolt against authority of that time and that is why he makes a new character who shows his qualities and some critics also doubt that in a Milton a Satan dwells  that is why he wants to drive by himself.

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” O then at least relent: is there no place Left for repentance, none for pardon left? None left but by submission; and that word Disdain forbids me, and my dread of shame Among the spirits beneath, whom I seduc’d With other promises and other vaunts Than to submit, boasting I could subdue Th’ Omnipotent. Ay me, they little know How dearly I abide that boast so vain Under what torments I inwardly groan, While they adore me on the throne of hell. (IV, 79–89)”

he has pride and he knows that he has to repentence

Having read the whole discussion we conclude that Milton depicts Satan’s character in very logical, rational and  artistically way .He brings to our eyes the  real shape  rather it is based on imagination but a  reader realizes it is a real picture of the Satan  and it seems that he also knows to Satan  boy face to face .This is a poetic talent of Milton  which is revealed in paradise lost as well as Satan’s character .So, at the end we can say that Satan is Tragic Hero in Paradise Lost.

“What shall be right: farthest from him is best
Whom reason hath equall’d, force hath made supreme
Above his equals. Farewell happy Fields
Where Joy for ever dwells: Hail horrors, hail
Infernal world, and thou profoundest Hell
Receive thy new Possessor”

“That were an ignominy and shame beneath [ 115 ]
This downfall; since by Fate the strength of Gods
And this Empyreal substance cannot fail,
Since through experience of this great event
In Arms not worse, in foresight much advanc’t,
We may with more successful hope resolve [ 120 ]
To wage  by force or guile enternal  war
Irreconcileable, to our grand Foe,
Who now triumphs, and in th’ excess of joy
Sole reigning holds the Tyranny of Heav’n.”

Paradise Lost  cannot be completed without the character of Satan or as a hero of tragic one ,it is he who acts  like Hero  .Having been disgraced from the eyes of God Almighty, he is still  confident ,vagarious  , active , steadfastness and hopeful. Milton actually takes so many pains that  for Satan’s   character delineation because he is not human being nor  God. His feelings maybe or might be different from other race ,by  human species because Milton never saw Satan ,it is totally based on his imaginations or we can say that it is exaggerated character but not artificial or fictional only .He is present and lively character .”If we believe in God the we have to believe in Satan .” But here ,we have to praise of Milton who  delineates  Satan Character with ful artistically  and logically.First two books run  through Satan  but slowly he becomes out of screen and in book 9 he is in  downfall and hero becomes to zero .Satan’s character throughout the poem  gets  different shapes on time he is Sarpent  sometime toad, sometime Archangel , sometime great leader Emperor, Sultan his greatness lies upon his determination  . He is totally determined against the God having lost everything he realizes that he has every thing indeed .He never shows any sign of disappointment or despair before other Angels  and develops his mission against  the greatest power of this world he makes an evil plan that  he will destroy all  humanity with evil plan .His Evil  mind can be seen in this statement Our sole  task is  to find Evil from good when  his plan will be bad then our plan is to do good will be run all of them opposite of Him. Having put a least idea of good or a bad what is good  what is bad  , there is no matter but matter is that fight against Him by hook or crock.

Milton’s huge character is not huge by  only body but also huge by  his mind and heart, having lost everything he shows nothing to be done. All is good what the field be lost  and all is not lost,we have unconquerable  will.Satan  is another great trait  is that he is a fine debtor ,his speeches cast a spell on the others angels as well as readers .He  knows the situation of the time whenever he speaks about  sorrows or pathos his voice becomes slowly and faints  but when  he talks about his future plan his voice brings a thunder in itself at all. He is like a politician, he  knows where he gets good benefits from situation as well as people. Some critics have view about him he is a villain and villain and rascal ,) wicked minded and there is no characteristics like hero he may be a villain but not hero .For  this in all ages the people.

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