The Pardoner Character in Canterbury Tales

Pardoner word breaks out by the ‘Pardon” this is meaning apologies, forgiveness, so , his his profession reveals here he gives a license to sinner they have been forgiven by God, pardoner is a man who listens the confession of the sinner and after hearing confession he consoles this sinner in this manner a man satisfies with him, or his conversations, God is merciful and he hundred and 10 percent will forgive him if he will not do so next time. But the same pardoner says that the people should pay money to him so that they may take redemption, it means he is spreading evils for his worldly purposes .The Pardoner is a ecclesiastical character in Canterbury Tales the religion can be seen by this character, we are not spurring having seen the corrupt conduct of the pardoner, the pardoner makes fool to selling fake and fool things but this era people had faith on religion and attended the church regularly having known the church officials were corrupt and had worldly mind.

The Pardoner character in Canterbury Tales is treated with satirical way, by Chaucer unveils the the corrupt mask of the religion, his character is no more than a satire on religion. In fact he is cheater and exploits to the poor people in church as well as outside the church. In Chaucer’s time the church was a powerful institution as well as medium of speech. And the same Pardoner is related with church area. The pardoner character is actually symbol of downfall of religion life, in Canterbury Tales he is not what should be him, he is is totally opposite the life of church, he loves secular life instead to church .The manner in which Chaucer has described it is very worth praising. This character shows the “Decline of the Church” as well as the religion ,there is only texture and gimmick in religion, act has been vanished from the lives of the people ,there is nothing called to be the outstanding in religion.

This very pardoner came direct from the catholic court of Italy, he is companion of the Summoner or comrade, he is very well in singing the songs, his voice looks like the goat, his song often was “my dear beloved”! “come here to me.” he sings this song in this way no instrument or trumpet can not produce voice in this world that he makes in his low pitch way. After it , Chaucer talks about his hair style his hair are very smooth as the look press by iron. He does not use cap rather he shows his hair and his impression is that it is a new style a man should be bare head. His face impression portrays Chaucer as he is setting bedside of him and is seeing each and every thing then he informs us his his eyes look like a hare’s eyes. His face impression can be seen when he writes about his face which has no beard at all he also thinks that he should not have any beard because he has a female soul and the poet also reveals it when he says that the same pardoner looks like a feminine qualities and Chaucer also feels some trouble either he is mare or anything else.

So far as, The Pardoner Character in Canterbury Tales is concerned, he is very cleaver and cheater and it is no wonder for us when he is delineated, he sows on his cap the image of Christ so that the people may consider him as a holy man or its other aim is that it has been taken from St. Veronica when he had wiped out and Christ consoled him. he is very tricky and cheater, its prove we take , his wallet all the time fulfil with various items and he all the tie shows up his indulgences, certificates of pardoners that he has been got from Rome so that that people may impress by him he is certified man by Rome church. His is not ended here rather he makes fool to innocent people by saying that he has a case pillow which is our Holy mother Lady Virgin Mary. In that era people were innocent and firm faith on religion having been known that the corruption was in religious person. He also claims that he has a piece of sail or a canvas is usually used for stopping or catching the wind and the same piece of sail had been used by St. Perter when he was in position in drowned into water because he was walking on the sea water and he felt afraid and Christ picked up his hand. Indeed, it is a fraud and making fool to the people in buy claiming like as.

His show of conduct is going on in this tale, he wears a cross around his neck that is made of costly stones and brass, this is hypocrisy and wants to tell to the people he is real clergyman and love Christianity but in fact he loves to money when Chaucer says that he earns money by poor people that can been calculated in this sense he earns money in a single day by poor person, the poor earns in the two months.

In a ironical way Chaucer condemns him he is noble clergy man actual he is not he is exploiter of the people in his age.


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