The Rape of the Lock Mirror of 18 Century

Every well known literature leaves its impact of its society, if we want to understand the philosophy of Bacon then we had to look into his age, his age was passing through an age of revival, rebirth, and we can say that an age of changing, that is why Bacon’s nature ca be seen change in his essay by other than writer’s philosophy in his essays. So, we can say that “The Rape of the Lock Mirror of 18 Century” in many perspectives these are under below;-

The upper class was newly emerge class of 18 Century in England, it was broken out from commercial channel of English when the exploitation was taken place of the Armada victory. “The Rape of the Lock Mirror of 18 Century” is no doubt and it was a time when aristocratic people were mostly lived in urban areas and they had hold on land and they were in trading and commencing. Now, they were not worried about their basic need and no tensions for breed and butter , so in this sense they were indulged in various type of idles games ; love making , game cards , sex intrigue and passing their in travails activities. Having been rich and lot of spare time, they had craze for fashion and card games, they coped the fashion of French , they were inspired by French fashionable life style. They all the time preoccupied with back biting, gossip, idle chatting, play games cards , sex games and love games etc. Most of the parties were decorated with lies and sex intrigue. The ladies were very skillful in coquetry for this they were remained in busy decorating themselves.

So, at the end, we conclude that “The Rape of the Lock Mirror of 18 Century” in some extent because by the help of it, we reach the whole scenario of that age


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