The Reeve Tale Character Analysis Summary

The Reeve Tale Character Analysis and summary:-

In “The Reeve Tale Character Analysis and summary” Geoffrey Chaucer actually, wants to tell us about his age as he tells us dishonesty in religion field, he delineates various characters that are; the Friar, the Monk, the Prioress, the, Pardoner etc. Same as he wants to come up dishonesty in agriculture field. The Reeve character is a manager in Canterbury tales. The Reeve character is not so much different than today manager, as we see in various field we find out corrupts manager in different kind of fields, offices, in institutions, companies, the place has been changed but the nature is same as it is as was in Chaucer’s age.


His legs as thin as sticks Chaucer, here, his legs uses for many symbols, long and thin legs is symbolized with ill temperament, or a man comes in anger way in quickly, it is also symbolized with witty mind but at the same time it is linked with lustfulness. It seems that Chaucer informs us about his character with his legs, only his legs describes his whole character, this Chaucer’s art of characterization.

He was in his job almost twenty years ago but in this time he had won his master heart and he had entire charge of the lands. Having been taken charge of the lands he knows to every one, every body bad actions, all the workers who are under his charge are afraid of him because he knows that every one weakness and he has influence on them therefore, they can not tell his misappropriations to his master. Having been freedom by worker as well as his master he does corruptions full time.

The Reeve is embodiment of corruption, he steals the grains in this way no one can rightly detect his corruption in audit because he is expert in this act and he has been prosperous in that way. With help of dishonesty and corruption he has built up a nice fine house in somewhere countryside. Current era is evident of this, now a days the managers do the same things.


Lower middle class become afraid by him and they have no dare to tell about his corruption to his master or anybody else. They afraid as they afraid by death (plague). Plague is one of epidemics in which most of half of the populations were died by this epidemic. “The Reeve in Prologue Canterbury Tale Character Analysis and Summary” suggests in Chaucer’s time there was rule of diseases and epidemics. The corruption was not only present in upper class society but also in middle and low middle class society. Now, the situations are not different than that those days.

The Reeve is not poor man rather he looks alike aristocrat when we see he has sheep, horses, cattle, dairy under his managerial custody rather he is looks alike owner.

The Reeve Tale Character Analysis Summary, when runs ahead and we come to across that situation The Reeve appears to be very shrewd in this manner he knows how to make happy his lord. Whenever, he pleases his masters then he is rewarded by some nice prizes like coat and hood

At the end, the author tells that he is carpenter too in his youth time. He lives in Bawdswell in Norfolk. So, at the end we can say that Chaucer has been delineated this character the reeve with honestly and artistically.


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