Not only but also, sentences, examples, comma, synonym

In this assignment we will talk about Not only but also, sentences, examples, comma and synonym in English grammar reveal that not only but also correlative conjunction.


Not only But Also
In this sentence there are two parts of the sentence. Both part always have single subject, this subject can not be used in the second part of the sentence. If both part have one verb, then this very verb can not be used in the second part of the sentence.

Not only but also sentences examples
For Example:-
Not only does he sings but also dance

Not only does he gets up early in the morning but also offer prayer.
Not only but also second condition :
Whenever Not only  will be used in the first part of the sentence then immediately
after Not only helping verb will be written like that in according to tense like that above sentence DOES is used as helping verb.
Define. What is Not only and but also
Not only —But also it is actually, correlative Conjunction, it gives a piece of  information
and in these  sentences  information is surprising and unexpected are to be supposed . The first information is surprisingly part of the sentence,  on other hands second part of the sentence is based on surprising elements  but on the other hands much more surprisingly
than, the first part of the sentence .
In Not only but also expresses adjective, verb, noun, quality,
quantities, events, actions and
many others Statements.

How we can use comma in not only but also 

As we know that not only but also links nouns and clauses, but the question is that when will comma use when nouns are connected in a sentences then will be use just not only but also but with out comma, but on the other hand, when two clauses use in a complete sentence then will be used comma in not only but also sentences.

 Not only but also Comma sentences

  1. not only want to be perfect, but also want to be strong.
  2. We not only mend used clothes, but also we are buying new clothes.
  3. She not only studied during class, but also did her homework.
  4. Her father not only provides for the money, but also helped her with the project.
  5. I am not only cunning but also healthier than before.
  6. He was not only a student, but also an inventor.
  7. Not only did she buy a new home, but she also got a promotion as a Sale officer!
  8. He is not only powerful, but also more muscular now than last month.
  9. We are not only a popular shop store online, but are also a brand name.
  10. not only enjoy eating mangos, but also love Banas.
  11. Not only does he write songs on guitar, but also composes on dairy as well.
  12. Not only does she love mankind, but she also likes to help.
  13. It is not only a bad habit, but also a shameful one.
  14. Pakistan not only lost the match, but also the series.
  15. She not only bakes well, but she also does the washing up after breakfast.
  16. He not only favored me with my assignment, but also edited it for me.
  17. I am not only agree with your ideas but also satisfied.
  18. I am not only fat, but also a strong man.
  19. She was not only an teacher, but also a good friend.
  20. He is not only a good student but also a top cricketer of the school.
  21. She will not only participate in the speech, but also make an important announcement at the conference in Pakistan.

Not only is this John’s conduct upsetting but it is also causing serious disturbance in class.

Above sentence  is lack sense in understanding of the sentence

Not only is this John’s conduct upsetting, but it is also causing serious disturbance in class.

So, comma before but clears the sentence.
When Not only but also is used
Moreover,  There are two things, two persons or two places and emphasis has been increased than first Person’s quality, first action because second thing, place person’s quality, action, is surprising or unexpected.
Second  method of Not only but also
Subject +verb Nd only +Adjective But also +Adjective
Above Construction reveals that this is an other of method of Construction Not,
only but also having been used in middle of  the sentence and at end of the sentence. Not only
as on above has been used in the middle of part of the sentence rather ” but also”  has been
of the sentence rather but also has bon employed on the last of the sentence.

Not only but also sentences examples
For example.
She is not only  poor but also greedy.
Above sentence is clear cut prove that
SHE is (subject) IS (verb) again in the mid not only POOR is adjective, BUT ALSO then at end of greedy is also adjective
Not only But also use in Noun
Subject +  verb Not only + ‘Noun + but also Noun

Not only but also sentences examples
For example

They are not only men but also  Muslims
They are not only teachers but also students

Above sentences reveals the using of Noun
in the sentence of not only but also THEY is Subject , Are is verb, then teachers are noun, after it but also, and at the end  Students is noun that fills full to the above construction or formulation at all.
Verb using in Not only But also:-
Subject’ + Not only + verb + but also + verb

Not only but also sentences examples
For example
He not only writes but also reads

She not only sings but also dance.

They not only abuse but also hate.

  1. I am not only sad but also upset.
  2. She is not only beautiful but also cleaver
  3. He is not only intelligent but also kind.
  4. not only like orange juice but also other fruit juices.
  5. Not only good news, but also bad situation will come.
  6. Not only do we go for walk, but also enjoy.
  7. She is a good teacher not only in the classroom but also in all department.
  8. Billy is not only a great batter, but also an play.

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