Nothing gold can stay poem meaning, analysis, summary and theme

 Nothing gold can stay poem by Robert Frost meaning, analysis, summary and theme

Nothing gold can stay poem Meaning of the poem

Nothing gold can stay poem by Robert Frost meaning, analysis, summary and theme in detail so that we may understand the whole structure of the poem. It is very short poem yet has deep meaning as well as theme in itself, Nothing gold can stay discloses the whole life theory. Nothing gold can stay poem means  like that gold can never ever stay permanently in any one hands same as beautiful thing, youth and life never ever can stay  and it is major theme of the poem. Change is universal phenomenon, no body can deny it and it also theme of the theme nothing gold can stay. In the poem nothing gold can stay is clear cut prove. Beauty and youth are temporary things, poet unveils this theory in this poem very artistically. Beauty thing Ode on to Grecian urn is also speak about beauty and temporariness of life. Evolution is essential for life, without evolution life will be decay. But gold cannot be hold. Like that Eden of garden was considered the place of happiness and ever lasting place, where there is no sorrow, no pathos, it was ideal place for living but it proved to be also temporary and this place also had to leave to Adam and Eve.

Nothing gold can stay poem critical analysis

‘’Nothing gold can stay’’ is a short poem presented by majestic poet Robert Frost in 1923. The poem aims at exploring the wonderful idea that there is no guarantee that good are precious things can stay or retain longer or forever. The poem renders the well-loved idea that nothing in this world can be permanent. Everything in this world is capable of being decayed or liable to accept any kind of change. The significance of the poem lies in the fact that the entire world object cannot sustain their initial appearance. The change of the objects and different items is inevitable in every case. The idea is applied to both human beings and natural objects because they both faces and suffer from changing phase. The nature with it’s all refined force used to face the natural changing process recurrent every where. Human beings also suffer from the inevitable change through different steps. A man loses their innocence when they get mature in their later age. They have to face this ultimate change as a result of growing age. The poet’s intention is to build the idea that that nature of the every beautiful object is temporary and fleeting. The poem dissects the transient nature of every beautiful and precious object of nature and this world. The poem highlights the transient nature of life, beauty and youthful moments.

Nothing gold can stay poem Summary analysis

Nothing gold can stay poem Summary:  The poem starts with startling facts about the importance of change in the natural world order. The tiny green leaves in the spring are compared to gold items in the very first stanza of poem. Gold is taken as symbolic of every fresh, pure, precious and refined item in the poem by Frost. It is compared to fresh and youthful items of the nature and natural scenery. Nature as a cruel force is trying to lemmatize the freshness and vigor of every pure item. Hue is personified in the poem as a female image that is also taken as hardest form of nature. The poet has presented a beautiful idea that every women would try to manifest like a mother that her children will remain as young as forever. But the poet says that this is only allusion because youth will fade soon and their children will have to face the loss as a result of the natural process. The poet renders the fact that it is impossible for a thing to stay long as ever because they have to face the turmoil of nature and natural forces. Every bud that is going to be appeared on plant will eventually be turned into a big plant and then it may have to fall from the plant as a result of the decaying process. The poet emphasized on the fact that every bud will remain for an hour as a result of the transient nature of thing. He tries to explain about the fleeting nature of all items. The poet is of the view that the freshness of youth and beauty of life will disappear in a single blink of an eye. all of the items of nature cannot stay longer.

The poet is interested to include the biblical concept of Eden in his poem to elaborate the transient and fleeting nature of all things. The second half of the poem the poet is interested in inculcation of language related to transient nature of different precious or pure items. The poet says that the reason behind the fleeting nature of such items is that life itself is a dangerous force. Life is also capable of being uncertain because it tries to drag and pull you down towards downfall. The idea is manifested in such a wonderful way that life is full of uncertain things that will also make other items uncertain. The poet says that the beauty of life and youth is a corrupting force. The language used in the poem is suggested in such a way that readers are interested to know that things will change according to their transient nature. So here we can claim that things are in transitional state and they will suffer from the change according to their changing ability. There is deep romanticism hidden in the poem that makes the reader to provoke on certain hidden realities of the world.

The poet tries to add comments on the continuous journey of life, youth and beauty. The poet is trying to build a relationship between the transient nature of different objects and natural scenery. Gold is regarded as pure assets for human beings but the poet gives the idea that even gold can not stay longer. The poet is trying to glorify the natural objects and natural force through the use of diction and language in his poem.

A deep reader is able to trace the romantic elements in the poem by Frost. He has presented the ideas with such beautiful effect that it can cast a spell on it’s readers. The poem has a universal appeal because the theme treated in the poem has universal meaning and effects. He tries to signify the image of his beloved in the poem through introducing the term leaf in the later half of the poem. The poet is interested to present the fading nature of beauty through presenting his beloved image. He says that his beloved has possessed great skin color in his early youth that is going to be faded through the transience process. He says that nature will also react in the same way to fade the beauty of natural objects as his lover beauty has been faded through transience process. He exaggerates the idea of turning a leaf into a decayed item within one hour. The main intention of the poet is to present the fact that every single object of the nature will suffer from the transient nature and will be changed into a decayed and rusty item. The poem is highly suggestive of the fact that every object of this world will undergo certain change because of it’s fleeting nature. At the end, Nothing gold can stay poem meaning, analysis, summary and theme exploring the wonderful idea that there is no guarantee that good are precious things can stay or retain.


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