Never again should this terrible nuclear weapon

The writer of the essay Nagasaki is very right when he says never again should this terrible nuclear weapon be used, no matter what happens. The Writer has given this conclusion to his essay on the basis of his personal experience of the use of the nuclear atomic bomb . The writer is an eyewitness of the Bomb Blasted at Nagasaki.

Eclipse essay by Virginia Wolf summary, questions and answers, critical analysis

The solar eclipse was about to take place just after the dawn. The people of England had gathered at an open place near the Euston railway station in England before the dawn.The Authoress also went with a large number of people to Stonehenge to observe the solar eclipse. All of them had traveled from far and wide during the cold night to observe these natural phenomena . It seemed as if they all had come to salute the dawn

How does W.B. Yeats conquer his fear and point of childhood?

Some of the fears and miseries of the writer were because of the loneliness he felt living with the grand-parents and some were because of his fear he felt about his grandfather. His fear was groundless as the grandfather was never unkind to him. His sensitive mind registers fearful impressions which became an indispensable part of his childhood. Having got up and having been able to analyze the happening, he succeeded to conquer his fears and miseries.

The art of losing is not hard to master

She herself if gives a method to master the art of losing. She very, nicely tells the use to become contented, patient and thankful to the will of God because nobody loses one’s things willingly but things are lost by the will of God. So man should accept the loss as the decree of his fate as the poetess gives the way to master the art. She says:-

Justify the title THE BEAR.

we will argue about the title of the Bear is justify or no .This title which name is The Bear is totally justified the meaning of the play here Bear means tolerance ,idiomatic expression is bear up with ,bear means naked but here is very outspoken person ,bear means uneducated, nonsense ,out of head, bear means a man who has no manners talk to before a woman and at a wild animal. This title which name is The Bear is totally justified the meaning of the play here

Philosophy of The Two Brothers

We will learn in the two brothers story,they have different philosophies about life. And they are awarded by various things. We should take risks in our life;if we want some extra ordinary in our life . It is philosophy of the brother If we can’t struggle in our life then, we never get victory or that we want at all.Two have different type philosophy in their lives . Both brothers are incompatible in their decisions as well as in outlooks .Their conception is totally different from each other.”Philosophy of The Two Brothers” can be differentiated that they are separate souls .