Philosophy of The Two Brothers



  • Q1:- Contrast the characters of two brothers.
  • Q2:   Have they different type philosophy in their life?
  • Ans:-Both brothers are incompatible in their decision
  • 1. Character of younger brother:
  • Philosophy of Brothers.

   We will learn in the two brothers story,they have different philosophies about life. And they are awarded by various things. We should take risks in our life;if we want some extra ordinary in our life . It is philosophy of the brother If we can’t struggle in our life then, we never get victory or that we want at all.Two have different type philosophy in their lives . Both brothers are incompatible in their decisions as well as in outlooks .Their conception is totally different from each other.”Philosophy of The Two Brothers” can be differentiated that they are separate souls .

It is rightly said that :-.

                                            “No pains,no gains”

His belief is that name makes with risks .He is very brave and powerful man. He is ready to handle all the problems with bravely. He wants to go infra in his life and get reward of his bravery .He beliefs in himself. In the story when he reached at the forest he sees a stone that can be seen in this talks   him if you will cross this river and catch the children of bear and climb on the mountain without looking back, you will get happiness. He follows the instructions of stone and gain card a king of empire.

2. Character of elder brother and His Philosophy :

                                                          The elder brother is coward, weak and uninspiring. His philosophy is very odd that we should thanks to God that HE gives us whatsoever. He is very narrow minded person . He thinks the negative point first. He always falls in cares. In some places he thinks quite right. We should go back if we have feelings of fear. If we go forward and may have lose our life. But we take risks for improvement of our life.

The elder brother does not take risk and never follows the instructions of   stone. He can never   makes a king. He lives simple life. On the contrary his younger brother takes risk and is made the king of empire.

No, doubt that all the things  in the hand of God but we should struggle to get our wishes


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