Pride and Prejudice Themes

As we know the estimate of this novel is Pride and Prejudice and this is the most prominent theme of this novel ” Pride” and “Prejudice ” and it is only through this theme that we can reach the real message of the writer.In eventually, it seems that pride signifies to Darcy and prejudice links with Elizabeth but it is quiet wrong ,when we go through the whole novel then we find out that both the character are embodiment of pride and prejudice.Pride and prejudice are abstract nouns in English dictionary and as we know that abstract noun are not visible things which is hardly seen by any human eyes but these two things or words can destroy the whole system of the world.Both the characters understand that thing when they feel themselves in their lives.They purge themselves with the help of realistic approach.Jane Austen invites us towards scientific approach, we should not assume a bout good or bad at first sight. In Pride and Prejudice are several Themes that have been made beautiful which are under below:-

Pride and Prejudice Themes:-

Themes of Love
Theme of Marriage
Parents Responsibilities
Pride prejudice
Insecurity/ Problem of Legacy
Inside this novel, which name is Pride and Prejudice, love shows up everywhere looks like love is dominate theme .Everyone is hungry for love,young girls attend different  parties to find their love. We can comfortably see them in the various balls party various homes for the sake of their possible match.We can also say that it is  insecurity that these girls have in their mind they  do not consider themselves so safe. Its example can be found by the marry of Charlotte Lucas.That is why she marries because she does not get security  from society without marry until when she gets marry any one  because she has been over age that is why she has to marry with Collins who is not capable person.We can understand that such marriages often fail. Because it is not a marriage  base on love but a compromise .And this woman in searching of her true love has become failed.So, love is painful for her .
But the love of  Darcy and Elizabeth is a love of idealism .Their love is dependent on passion .It is not on a sand dune rather it is on “Emotion and Feelings” .Their love starts with suspicion and ends with truth or can say marriage . And this is a sign of true love because where there is love there is no doubt ,then, there is no doubt there is love that is why they did end this thing already. Darcy’s advice to Bingley is no doubt, brings about separation for Jane and Bingley. Thus, Bingley’s sepration from Jane already have been purged their love because they have true love for each other and have no suspension or doubt. Elizabeth and Darcy’s love disturb some extent by their pride and prejudice as well as Wickham In their love, even for a short time, there was a block in the shape of Wickham But this hurdle  also proved to be the blessing for them. Without this, they could not prove their love true and their feelings are strong for each other.In our opinion, this is without hindrance of Wickham their love cannot be complete in this novel ” Pride and Prejudice”.
Another true love always appears in this novel that is Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner they love each other a lot their marriage has passed a long time. And they have too much mutual understanding between the two but the lack of this understanding in Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet can be seen very much at every level of the novel .Mr Mrs Gardiner  have contrast relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Bennet in this novel.
To some extent we can say that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s old age has been shown by these characters. Contrary of it ,Charlotte Lucas Collins pair and Lydia  and Wickham’s pair are shown  in the form of as Mr. and Mrs. Bannet. It is the  Mr. and Mrs.Gardiner  who inform  Elizebath to stay away from Wickham. The love of these two is taken care of within this novel . Although the theme of love does not end here in this novel yet Bingley and Jane’s draw our attention by their love .This is also a sample of love ,the mouth speaks of love .Their love is very innocent like these two.
Then, the theme name is ” Parental responsibilities” in ‘ Pride and Prejudice” is elaborated here. This theme has been dealt in the way of ironically because it is being seen that the parents  take their responsibilities and the children who are often run away from their responsibilities but within this theme we will see that Parents absconding from their responsibilities. And these parents have been made trouble for their children, they are not doing their marriages,they are not taking care of their children, they are not paying attention to their likes and dislikes, they are not taking care of them and they are left open on luck.Mr. and Mrs. Bennet pair goes to the top of this matter because their attention is only on the marriage of their children younger daughter Lydia has had an affair with someone .But both of them are unaware in that matter. In later, we learn that both the couple have eloped and got married. And the same thing brings about the infamy of the family. Mr. Bennet is a type of person who is not active but is worshiped only, and has got married to a very wrong lady ,instead of correcting this mistake, he goes away from his domestic affairs.

If we look at the other form of the picture, then Mrs. Bennet also does not prove to be such a good mother.she is arrogant ,proudy ,silly woman.she has very little experience of life and her approach towards life is very cynical.Her main aim of life is having married her daughters  now ,only for the financial security, now the daughters are got ready to dealt with it,in order she tries to find good husbands for her girls because most of her thinking is on physical appearance or wealth rather than inside beauty,she is searching in  and trying to find a husband for her daughters for financial supports ,it seems that she is dealing or doing business.In other sense get rid of them(daughters)
“Parental Responsibilities theme in this ” novel Pride and Prejudice”does not end here by coming together and moving forward.The novel moves forward we see irresponsible parents. There is no responsible parents in this novel.On the other side,we observe that parents carelessness can be shown when we meet Lady Catherine De Bourgh ,she is too irresponsible mother, in which environment she has brought up her daughter and her ethics and manners are quiet different from a normal man.She considers herself superior to others.
Problem of legacy  and insecurity are the main themes of this novel because we have come to see that women always consider themselves inscrutable and if they marry such a person, they should support them in the future .They are not given any share in the property and the person who becomes the owner of their emotion later becomes a cousin of theirs and they do not get any part of the property, so we see it inside the whole novel which is the case of Charlotte. She marries a man who is absolutely incapable of marrying her and she is absolutely mindless and does not have the ability to talk at all,  she feels insecure,then she gets marry for financial support so,that is not good marriage and not based on love rather it is on compulsion.And this is also seen in the case  of Elizabeth and Collins. When Collins proposes that he should get married and when she refuses, he tells her in return .That all her attainment and wealth is going to go in his hands, if he marries her, then he and his sister will become more secure and thus the matter will remain in the house.And when its insecurity  plan does not run upon Elizabeth, then he applies the same trick on her friend and she is imprisoned within the same prison and gets married. This is what the writer teaches us inside this novel that How women are so tight inside their own homes.Jane Austen wants to propose that women should be in part of the propriety by her parents perhaps they are real blood of them and they are equal to men.
Personality clashes is a very long-lived and on of the great themes of the novel “Pride and Prejudice” , it is only the clashes that help this novel to move forward. Without this, there is no question in moving this novel until the  clashes can be removed.The novel starts with Elizabeth and Darcy conflict or may be personality clash starts with is due to Class distinct . This is the reason why Darcy  has grown up in an environment where they have to make fun of people,likewise, he makes fun of the Elizabeth at the dance party and humiliates Elizabeth ,and from here their personality clash starts that keeps near to be end of the novel.

In short, end of the discussion ,we can say that pride and prejudice novel has several themes in itself that are some of them obvious themes ans some of them non obvious themes in ” Pride and Prejudice .All of them are unique and carry a massage in itself.

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