Santiago’s confrontation Encounter with the sharks

Santiago’s confrontation Encounter with the sharks

‘Santiago’s confrontation Encounter with the sharks’ is very interesting and awful.The sharks have great symbolic significance in the novel, “The Old Man and the Sea”. Santiago’s confrontation with sharks is the most thrilling part of the novel. Santiago’s struggle with sharks takes place at a time when he is completely tried and his hands are badly cut, but in this time of ordeal he is ready to face the attack of sharks. He kills the first shark “Mako” with courage, but the attack of the first shark causes a great deal of loss for Santiago as it take forty pounds of marlin’s flesh and his harpoon. Santiago is deeply disappointed at this loss as he is fully aware of the fact that blood of the marlin would attract other sharks. He knows, “Now the bad time is coming.” But he remains consistent in his faith that

                                 “A man cannot made for defeat.”

He tries his best to defeat the sharks. In this battle, two other sharks also come to sea. These two sharks are dangerous and contemptible. Further, he kills more sharks. He is ready to sacrifice his all life even to establish his honor and reputation.

Santiago’s fight against the shark is his greatest trail. He loses the marlin’s flesh completely to the sharks. But he saves his skeleton. The bony marlin with which he reaches his village shore is a symbol of his moral and spiritual victory over the sharks. The marlin is a proof of his ability to catch an unusually large fish.

In short, this makes the fishermen and other people believe that he is an expert fisherman and sailor. He begins enjoying high reputation which is his achievement and honor.”Santiago’s confrontation Encounter” with the sharks , no doubt, makes him hero of this novel.

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