Simon Lord of the Flies

Critical analysis, Character sketch of SIMON in the novel lord of the flies

Critical analysis, Character sketch of SIMON in the novel lord of the flies he is shy and secretive boy in the British school boys group and he is identified as a different person of the group because he acts differently. He was not so strong by his physical; stature. He was a thin and weaker by his physical appearance. The other boys took him as odd and behave differently with him. He acts according to his own will which made him to look strange and odd in the group. He stands on another pole and is totally different from jack and Ralph. He possesses characteristics that were innate and different from the other boys of the group that were confined on a deserted island. He was symbolized as image of goodness and spirituality in the word.

The Critical analysis of the character Simon in lord of the flies, he was living a moral and spiritual life and was totally different from the other members of the group. The other members of the group soon lost their morality and innocence and were now capable of being savage and beast. Simon proves himself as civilized and moral victor of the all members. He was innately moral and good at the core of his heart. He was the first member to recognize the savage behavior of the boys on the deserted island. He does not indulge in mournful activities that were executed by the other group members. He was not inspired much boy the frenzy dance by the beast on the feast. He was acting in a civilized way because he respects and values the conch and rules of the tribe. His actions were not response of any kind shame or disrespect but he gives value to his inherited norms and rules of the tribe. His behavior towards other characters was polite and tender. He uses to respond to call of his heart and he does not indulge in other activities in which all other characters were behaving like beasts. The other boys remained no more civilized and lost their innocence. Simon was the victim of their savage and impolite behavior because they contributed to kill Simon.

The character of Simon was the true model of goodness and morality and preached the ideas of goodness among other school boys group Lord of the Flies that were left alone on the island. He is depicted as religious visionary and morally good and gentle man. His eyes symbolize kindness, truth and vision of a moral life. He uses to occupy a hidden and secret place in the forest where he uses to stay alone and to meditate for a long period of time. His experience of being staying alone makes other boys to take him as odd personality among all the boys. He places a position as mystic by exercising his power of goodness and politeness. He has gained an understanding of human tendency to exercise evil and other crimes. He knew about the capabilities of human beings to be attracted by darker aspects of human nature. He tries to uncover the realities of the world and to identify the true knowledge of goodness. He questioned about the existence of the beasts on the deserted island which were capable of performing savage behavior. He fulfills to get his mission of revelation but does not want to share his views to the other members of the group. The other members of the group him took as sane or odd because of his visual experience about the knowledge of goodness. The other boys were inclines towards his moral ideas about the knowledge of goodness. His ideas introduced a kind of unshakeable behavior among the boys who were not ready to accept the ideas by the Simon. He realizes that the boys should know about the false identity of the beast on the mountain on the deserted island.

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