Still “I Rise Poem” Meaning


What is the meaning of the “still I rise”?

Meaning of Still I Rise:-

The meaning of “still I rise” in poem is that “I am awaking”. I am not sleeping. In this poem the word “still I rise” has a great history. The poetess belongs to a black Negros. She is a great poetess and a dancer of America.The meaning of Still i rise poem is that the poetess never minds about her opponents rather she is very optimistic about her resolutions as well will power. Although she is very upset from haughty behavior of the white people about her women and men yet she is happy by that she is right hand for them.she is hope against of hope of them.

In this poem, she reveals us that the black people are living in very miserable life  in America. they have no basic rights;all the time they are ignoring by authority.It seems that they consider to be insects.humanity has been stealing form them.As we know that in history, black people had treated very badly.Actually blacks people are real American; white people actually have been coming from England and they occupied them and after it,they had been insulted very much there.

Now- a- days they are known to be very inferior.They are hated and insulted , especially women because they are considered to be very weak and timid.Thus having been not so stronger ,they are very ease to dominate. women of black skin mostly abused in public places ,it has been custom of America humiliates to women. It is eye witness is present here and that is poetess is herself

She warns to white people” you can’t buy me”. “I am the hope of black people”. You think that I will head down to front of you. It is your quite wrong thoughts. I am the dream of our people. I will continuous to help of the black people. You cannot push me back. Now I have made a role model for Negros people. You want to me mix in dirty mud, but I will wake like an air. Like an air I will never end.


In short,She is a tower of power of the black people of America. The word “still I rise” means that the ideology of the dark people in this poem is very much clear .It is not a slogan but it has a deep meaning as well as purpose of black . Maya Angelou of black people. All the poem of her are so that respect for black people. The poetess does faith that she can’t cut off the struggle for black people of America.   

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