Struggle is a key .TWO BROTHERS STORY”.

  • Q2 :Struggle is a key to success and rest makes man idle discuss by the references of “TWO BROTHERS STORY”.

It is usually said that struggle is key to success and rest makes man idle.In this story, the writer tells us his philosophy about get success. The writer says that those people struggle, they get success quickly. He thinks that if we want something big in our life,we should take risks.  It is usually said:-

                                1:     “Struggle is a key to success”

                                     2:     “No pain , no gain

  One the other hand, rest makes us idle. We want only rest in our life. We never work and see dream of success. Those people use the formula of struggle , they get victory; without struggle they live in fool’s paradise. They want only big name without hard work.

The writer gives us the way to success that if we take risk in our life, we may get success very soon.

In this story, the young brother takes a risk. He acrosses over the river, steals the children of bear and climbs up on the mountain. He makes the king of empire. He has been  rule out for five year there. He represents himself  as a well named king.

On the other side, the elder brother has faith on inspiring. He does not take risk. He lives a simple and bore life. He remains poor and lives a poor life .he realizes that he did not bear up so many miseries that his brother has born up with.

The elder brother is coward, weak and uninspiring. He says that we should thank to God that HE gives us whatsoever. He is very narrow minded person,indeed he keeps away himself from hardworking . He thinks about first the negative point . He always falls in cares. In some places he thinks quite right. We should go back if we have feelings of fear. If we go forward and may have lose our live.

In short, the writer explains us that we should struggle to get our aim. Rest makes us failure.


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