Symbolic play the man with a flower in his mouth

  • :Justify the title of the play.
  • The play “The Man with a flower in his mouth” is typical drama of ironical as well as symbolical with the title.

The play “The man with a flower in his mouth” is a symbolic and ironical play .And other interpretation makes here as flower grows gradually and weathers away very soon .The writer actually wants to tell us about cancer sharpness reaction on human body .That disease weathers away very quickly to human beings . flower is a symbol of cancer .This play is about a man that suffering by cancer in his mouth. Cancer is very fatal disease.

 The writer shows the cancer in the title with the name of the flower. It is the main and dramatic irony of the play. The writer reveals cancer as a flower. He symbolizes to cancer as a flower in the play “The man with the flower in his mouth’. As we know that the flower is the beautiful mellow thing in the world but in reality as we know that cancer is not as flower rather it is fatal disease , that is not treatable in this world .So, the title changes into ironical way as well symbolic.

In this play, the man connects the cancer as well as with flower. He wants to reduce the fear of cancer through comparison the cancer and flower. He is very boldest person. He informs to other men that his wife loves  him very much. She wants to die with him, this is the irony all the people will die with their on time. Nobody can die with each other.

The writer reveals the huge irony in this moment. He wishes for long life ,as all the people know that cancer is a deadly disease. Those people are victim in cancer and their death is sure. Cancer is not curable disease. The writer gives the name probable to cancer with flower because the fear of cancer or death will end very soon.  

In short , there is no doubt that play the man with a flower in his mouth is a symbolic play.


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