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The Hero of Paradise Lost Epic

There is lot of discussions about who is the hero Paradise Lost. In this discussion there may be controversial elements .Some critics believe that Satan is a hero Paradise Lost because he is chief figure, great commander having been witty mind , after lost his Palace he is still active and unyielding .On the other side there are some people who considered that Adam is a hero of paradise lost he suffers much more , he actually does not do act particularly but he is a real hero of Paradise Lost at all .Conversation goes ahead when critics realise that Milton himself is the hero of the poem of who describes himself in the shape of Satan , he loves liberty and wants to be exploration in the sense of” Epic”.we can say that Christ is a hero of Paradise Lost because at the end he is victorious, he regained Paradise Lost having been conferred his life. Some critics go to the most extend and reveal God is a hero of the poem because he interwoven the planned and played very well against his enemy at every step of the poem.As far as Satan ‘s character is concerned , it seems that he is hero of the poem because his character can never be neglected because he challenges to authority of God he considers himself equal to God .His cunning behavior forces us to to think about how is a grandeur he is. Eventually he is physically defeated by mentally he is still stood like a tower, he is not yielding at any cost his steadfastness, makes a new world for human being .His misery brings comfort for mankind forever. No doubt, Adam and Eve lose their Garden Eden but it is temporary because God wants to disclose His Mercy His compassion and kindness for mankind and without of it He(God) cannot do so, Satan , actually ,becomes mislead he wants to destroy the mankind in the sense of jealousy but in reality he brings about downfall for himself as well as gift for mankind it is not so wrong to say that those people critics and readers believe that he is hero of paradise lost they are totally on the fault because they read only first two books after it Satan Grand figure changes into Toad, Serpent ,he is disgraced because Milton glorifies his action and body structure for the sake of EPIC requirement .When we see him after two books , he looks like helpless and weakened fellow.If we admit Adam as hero of Paradise Lost then we must analyse Adam’s character very minutely . It is Adam who suffers a lot he is disgraced by his maker and it is whom he regains his Paradise or his lost residence with a hard struggle. We should not forget it he is seduced by Eve with feminine beauty and Eve has been trapped by Satan .Apparently he does not do any special task like other Epic heroes .In other Epic most of the heroes fight against their enemies physically but Adam fight with Satan silently .John Milton in one of the greatest poets of his age .After Chaucer he has glorious place in English literature. His style is marvelous,unique and superior .In “Paradise Lost’ he shows his talent with the help of great characters as well as a sublime theme, he portrays fantastic type of characters like Christ ,Angels ,the father of humidity is Adam ,the mother of humanity is Eve , the greatest power is God and father of Evil and hatred jealousy that is name Satan .He very realistic creates or paints the character of Satan