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Bee Meeting Poem Summary

Now , will discuss about Bee Meeting summary in detail .Before discussing the summary of Bee Meeting poem , we will have to check out its background .Bee Meeting is one of the five poems that Sylvia Plath conceived as a sequence and its critical analysis gives knowledge of her personal life and its hardships .The fact that she wrote these poems less than a week in October 1962 s as her marriage was breaking up ,may help us reveals some of the complexities . A careful analysis and summary of Bee Meeting poem and the five poems give the reader the impression that the writer is indulging in a sort of self assessment and redemption , both personally and poetically . The ” I” in the poem indicates that the speaker’ s wish to scrutinize her relationships with the world .The sequence titled the Bee poems moves from community in the bee meeting to solitude in “wintering ” the speaker seems to be in a process of setting her relationship with others and with her on former selves.