Tag: Chaucer as a Modern Poet or Medieval

Chaucer as a Modern Poet or Medieval

Chaucer is modern poet in the sense of humour, art of characterization, human nature witty style ,ironical statements which are made in modern term .As far as Chaucer’s poetry is concerned it is based on modern policy because his poetry speaks about those problems which are faced by today. Chaucer is a poet who belongs to 14th century age and his poetry deals with human nature having been passed very many centuries human’s nature did not change but human’s nature is still remain same it can not be changed in any case ,this was informed us by Chaucer 6 centuries ago that is why we can say that Chaucer as a poet who consider human’s nature with full vigorous .Chaucer’s modernity can be discussed under this point of views Chaucer uses language in his poetry that is now England’s current standard language ,no doubt, it has changed in many Syntax as well as vocabulary but which dialect Chaucer chooses it is still England language but question is that how is this modernity in the sense of new era the answer is that when Chaucer’s age becomes the eyes of the reader then he sees this was an age of unrest and transition and in England four dialects were spoken at mostly his contemporaries copied or followed French or Italian dialects but Chaucer for the first time elects England Midland dialects which is now England standard language at all.