Tag: Comment on "Waiting for Godot" as a play in which nothing happens.

“Waiting for Godot” Plot

The playwright intentionally avoids introducing any new element in his plot construction in “Waiting for Godot” .The life of the tramps remain essentially what it was the day before ,without any remarkable change. Even the action exhibits a tendency towards reputation.Both the act begin with the same situation .In act 1 Vladimir exclaims you again and a little later there you are again .The two tramps take about beating that Estragon has received in both acts. We find Estragon struggling with his boots and expressing his concern over his feet in both act .Again Vladimir has difficulties with urination in both act. There is a comic interplay of carrots , reddish and turnips .In both acts the two tramps discuss the possibility of suicide by hanging. The boy as well as possible and lucky appear in the both act the concluding sentences at the end of the act both the acts are similar. At the end of the act one Vladimir suggests “yes ,let’s go” and Estragon suggestion is similar at the end of the act 2,” yes let’s go”. And in the either cases we notice neither of the two make any moments to really get up and leave. the similarity of pattern in between the act 2 is significant and makes the play different from traditional play with a linear structure .Repetitive actions draw our attention to the circular structure of” Waiting for Godot’ .