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Ariel Poem Critical Analysis

After Richard Wilbur if a name comes in our mind about complex poet , it is not nobody else but Sylvia. She is too complex poet of the history of English literature as well as American literature. Ariel poem is one the poems in English literature which is the most complex poem , ever written in any literature, that why its critical analysis is very much hardwork at all. Ariel is one of the Plath’s most complicated poems ,but also probable her finest single construction ,because of the perception and depth of its images. The ambiguities in the poem are mostly attributed to its title ,which has three fold meaning .firstly, it would call to the reader’s mind Shakespeare’s airy spirit in the “Tempest” a servant to Prospero and a symbol of Prosperou’s control of the upper elements of the universe, fire and air. On the bio graphical level ,”Ariel ” was the name of Plath’s favourite horse on home she weekly went riding .Robert Lowell and Plath’s husband, Ted Hughes seem to imply in their commentaries that the Ariel in the poem is the author’s horse.In a horse riding sexual feelings comes to in our mind , when man feels jumping , in shape of ups and downs same as feelings come in during sex course it can be assumed that Sylvia Plath remembers her sexual experience during her life ,because in her life she had raped by a Negro. After it , Sylvia herself goes to towards that Negro man who she had been her raped,and took enjoyment by him in way of sexual desire .As we know that , she is frustrated woman in her life and takes pleasure by sexual desire.