Bee Meeting Poem Summary

Now , will discuss about Bee Meeting summary in detail .Before discussing the summary of Bee Meeting poem , we will have to check out its background .Bee Meeting is one of the five poems that Sylvia Plath conceived as a sequence and its critical analysis gives knowledge of her personal life and its hardships .The fact that she wrote these poems less than a week in October 1962 s as her marriage was breaking up ,may help us reveals some of the complexities . A careful analysis and summary of Bee Meeting poem and the five poems give the reader the impression that the writer is indulging in a sort of self assessment and redemption , both personally and poetically . The ” I” in the poem indicates that the speaker’ s wish to scrutinize her relationships with the world .The sequence titled the Bee poems moves from community in the bee meeting to solitude in “wintering ” the speaker seems to be in a process of setting her relationship with others and with her on former selves.

Bee Meeting Critical Analysis

In this poem Bee Meeting, Sylvia Plath discusses about her fears , her insecurity, her break up with her husband ,her married life and its hardships, her reaction towards society and society reaction toward her , her child hood fears and doubts , her rape incident . it is also said that Bee Meeting poem in Critical Analysis sense can be checked out that it is Sylvia ‘s delivery operation experience.So in this manner , this poem proves to be subjective not objective. As name of the poem suggests that it is only ritual activity or gathering honey by hive .Once again the theme of insecurity can be seen in above lines when she says that”I am nude as a chicken neck, does nobody love me?” When this operation is going to take place then she is realizing that she is not in comfortable clothes rather others are in perfect dresses and she is thinking about that the bees may be or mighty be noticed me because she is not in proper dress. “Does nobody love me?” line is hall mark of her personal life , as we have been discussed above , she is frustrated woman , but above line is naked reality of it , she is neglected by her parents , she could not mange her relation with her husband and he was indulged with others women , and he got marriage an other lady . Actually in this poem her feelings of about her husband Ted Hughes reflects here .When he gets marriage other lady , she demands that she wants to the house of Sylvia where she is living or she herself would get out of that house.In Bee meeting poem and its critical analysis here makes this not poem in which only