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Jane Austen Limited Range

As far as Jane Austen Limited range is concerned it is all the time on the target in the hand of critics those belief that her themes, her characters, her plots of construction, her characterization are limited. She always deals with small materials, she has lake of emotions lake of imagination or imaginative approach in her novels that are soul of any literature. “Two inches of ivory. Three or four families in a country village is the very thing to work on.” Jane Austen these herself admits that these words. But the question is that why does she employ this approach and adopts that way, the answer is that Jane Austen was live in that era where there was no freedom for women, they had to live in their household, they had no basic rights, even though in Legacy of parental, there was no right to get property from them. “First and foremost, let Jane Austen be named, the greatest artist that has ever written… Her circle may be restricted, but it is complete. Her world is a perfect orb, and vital sphere.” G.H Lewes remarks here. It is clear cut in the case of Collins and Elizabeth she was forced by her mother that she should have got marry with Mr. Collins so that the property of family might be safe.