Tag: LOVE AND SORROW IS MAIN THEMEThe Sorrow of Love by W.B yeast

The Sorrow of Love by W.B yeast Theme

The central theme of the poem The Sorrow of Love by that has been written by W.B yeast is based on the hardships and pain of the love and lover. The poet says the beginning of love is very charm and beautiful. But the ending of the love it is very hard and painful. The poet tells that love is very bad thing. Some people give life for love. They prefer to suicide on the bear of pain. The poet tells that in the beginning of the love we forget to eat, sleep and any activity of the life. We want to only see the beautiful face of our lovers. We wake till late night and count the stars on the sky. We select that all the things those will be on our favor. We feel the face of our lover in our food, books and in the moon. We never forget the beauty of our love at any time at any place,this is is magic of love