Tag: Mourning Becomes Electra play by Eugene O'Neill.

Mourning Becomes Electra DRAMA of Revenge and Passion

Undoubtedly ,”Mourning Becomes Electra is a Drama of Revenge and Passion” .It is fated family which is called Mannons , all the members of family have to tendency towards revenge and jealousy passion .There is no doubt about that every man has passions in himself either goods or bads. In fact the Mannons are mostly preoccupied with negative passions .Every character wants to take revenge by each other .Actually, revenge passion is included in their DNA.Ezra and Christine’s hatred passion starts when Ezra does not have sex with Christine on first wedding night . Lavinia and Christine’s revenge and passionate attitude starts when Lavinia thinks about that she is insecure and she is not acceptable child of her parents as Christine herself informs her , they do not want to bear to you .Adam wants to take revenge by the mannons family because he is informed that his mother died by the Mannons carelessness.They are jealous and hate one another Mourning Becomes Electra is a modern rewriting of the Orestia transposed from a Agga Mannon ‘s return to Orgoss after the Trojan War to Ezra Mannon return to the Mannon’s house in New England after the American Civil War. The play could have been a mechanical transference of the Greek plot to modern times.The story of mourning becomes Electra seems to resemble the facts of the original Greek trilogy which is also based on revenge and jealousy passion , or ‘ Mourning Becomes Electra Greek Tragedy ‘ particularly, ‘Homecoming’ is closest to its original. The Genreal returns home form war the way Agamemnon did and is murdered by his wife the way Agamemnon was murder by Clytemnestra instigated by her lover Adam Brant (Aegisthus).The mother and daughter confront each other but there are certain differences, as well Christian and Adam do not stab .Ezra but poison him, in fact, Christine alone does it. Neither Ezra Mannon and Clytemnestra had.