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Mr. Bleaney Critical Analysis and Summary

Mr. Bleaney is one of the best characters in Larkin’s poetry because he tells about modern man’s dilemma . Mr Bleaney is treated with a ironically way , it seems that it is just story of a lay man but inwardly it is satire on modern man’s , man’s life style ,modern man ‘s low income, problems no progressive attitude of modern man, he has no literary interest.As far as Mr.Bleaney character is concerned it is very vivid and clear ,it deals with man ‘s loneliness ,it is a very common in Larkin’s poetry man’s detachment and man’s loneliness in his society.
Now, we will discuss Mr. Bleaney’s poem in a critical way .If we analyse that then we find that Mr.Bleaney poem is dealt in ironically as well as humorous ways . The poem starts with light way ,it seems that it is only story that is narrated by speaker,in fact, Larkin himself but the having whole read of the poem it becomes clear that it is not just story of paying house guest rather it is told about modern man’s problems . It is Mr. Bleaney who is laborer in some factory which prepares car’s budies.