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Satan is Tragic Hero in Paradise Lost

John Milton in one of the greatest poets of his age .After Chaucer he has glorious place in English literature. His style is marvelous,unique and superior .In “Paradise Lost’ he shows his talent with the help of great characters as well as a sublime theme, he portrays fantastic type of characters like Christ ,Angels ,the father of humidity is Adam ,the mother of humanity is Eve , the greatest power is God and father of Evil and hatred jealousy that is name Satan .He very realistic creates or paints the character of Satan .He reveals his emotions,wrath,steadfastness, courage, leaderships qualities , undefeatable power , and determinations , and power having lost everything but he comes to see “Tower of strength” .As far as the character of Satan is concerned he is well created work at any angels.If we see his leadership he fill fulls all the requirements which are needed for a leader ,if we see in way of tragic hero there is also unique there is also unique ,if we analyse his power here he is also matchless. First of all ,we analyse whether he is tragic hero or not .First of all what is tragic hero Aristotle point of view a tragic hero must be sublime , he must be good and perfect ,his suffering must be by error of judgement not consciously he must be hubris in himself ,he would fall from high status to downfall .He should suffer from prosperity to adversity .The feelings of pity and fear come up .