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Symbolism in Sylvia Plath poetry

After Richard Wilbur if a name comes in our mind about complex poet , it is not nobody else but Sylvia. She is too complex poet of the history of English literature as well as American literature.She is a house of symbolism , Plath’s poetry is a complex of symbolism Being a modern ,Sylvia Plath can’t help expressing her self in complexion,sometimes overly suggestive construction .Modernity in modern times ,has almost come to mean complexity particularly when used in the literally context. Many of the readers and critics’ find Sylvia’s poems to observe to render themselves to easy to understand ,straight forward interpretation .The obscurity in Sylvia poetry ,of course has a lot to do with the complex nature of the her experiences, and thus spring from her themes. Obscurity may partly be due to Sylvia inclination to resort the use of symbolism. The modern use symbol isms only when they feel that ordinary word will not help them express their experience of people and things around, in a very short span of time, Sylvia experienced too much and too intensely .She seems to have grown quietly earlier in the course of her life. This may also have some thing to do with her brilliance elective imagination and tremendous perception .