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The Functions of a Teacher Critical Summary

This is a new topic that Bertrand Russell has been chosen in his essay ‘The Functions the Teacher’ , In this essay Russell tells us that what is real function of the teacher and what he has been performing now a days ,in Russell’s point of view , teachers are not performing their duty rather they are puppets in the hands of government as well as their employers .They are not so free that they openly educate their students and what is reality . As we know that teaching is a scared profession as well as passion. That days have gone when a teacher was considered to be safe guard of civilization. Now a days he has concern with his only personal benefits . As far as his passion is concerned with that professional is also died. A teacher can perform his duty if he is free from intellectually but unfortunately, now a days teachers have been tool of propaganda , he has to teach what his employers want .This is a main reason that he is bound to do so .In this sense , a teacher has to instill prejudices and wrongs beliefs in his teaching. On the contrary of it , in ancient time , that was not exist , the teacher was very much free from authority and he could teach what he wanted ,no doubt is about that in ancient time some philosophers had to pay price in exchange of their beliefs and doctrines .For example , Socratre sentenced to death and Plato went to Jail for their ideas but these did not resist their work.