Tag: The Ploughman Character and analysis in Canterbury Tales

The Ploughman Character and Summary in Canterbury Tales

There are such some characters in “The Prologue Canterbury Tales” that represent the middle class society or working class. It seems that he belongs to middle class, actually by the character of cook Chaucer paints the life of working class. As we know that Chaucer portrays “Prologue Canterbury Tales” in the each and every class except the baggers and kings and queens. He is also not complex character rather he is simple character, and supposed to be Chaucer’s ideal character, perhaps, the ideal is one from the whole “The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales”. As The Parson Character and Summary in Canterbury Tales can felt that he is vacant by worldly wealth but he is rich by holy thoughts same as “The Ploughman character” is. Actually, he is poor man but he is spiritually rich, his soul is image of Christ. He is also resemblance with the clerk’s character too. These are characters those we can say that they are ideal characters.