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Pride and Prejudice Themes

As we know the estimate of this novel is Pride and Prejudice and this is the most prominent theme of this novel ” Pride” and “Prejudice ” and it is only through this theme that we can reach the real message of the writer.In eventually, it seems that pride signifies to Darcy and prejudice links with Elizabeth but it is quiet wrong ,when we go through the whole novel then we find out that both the character are embodiment of pride and prejudice.Pride and prejudice are abstract nouns in English dictionary and as we know that abstract noun are not visible things which is hardly seen by any human eyes but these two things or words can destroy the whole system of the world.Both the characters understand that thing when they feel themselves in their lives.They purge themselves with the help of realistic approach.Jane Austen invites us towards scientific approach, we should not assume a bout good or bad at first sight