Tag: Waiting for Godot is a symbolic play

Symbols Waiting for Godot

“Waiting for Godot”play has several symbols elements in itself. As per these are tree,rope, country road,Godot himself and characters of waiting for Godot symbols in this play. Waiting for Godot does not give us very many elaborately sketch characters. Nor do the characters attract us on account of their eccentricity, though ,eccentricity they do exhibit. Estragon and Vladimir do not grip our attention as individual. Beckett’s technique is to give his characters wider identity .Estragon, Vladimir , Pozzo and Lucky are not delineated in such a way as would make their individual identity look at stake. They are instance of rather representative of mankind and of his responses. Thus for example, we observe particular the names of the characters. And differentiable Estragon is French, Vladimir is Russian , Pozzo is Italian and Lucky is English.