The Duchess and the Jeweller Summary, critical analysis+ Theme+ Moral Lesson and Questions Answers

The Duchess and the Jeweller Summary, critical analysis

The story, summary and critical analysis of “The Duchess and  the jeweller” is about the  moral decadence of the English Elite Class at the end Of the 19 century and  at the beginning of the 20 century. The high ups of English society of Victorian  age were coming down while the commoners  were taking lead. 

The Duchess and the Jeweller Summary starts here, Oliver Bacon is the main character of the story. He represents the middle class people. He was an orphan and a poor boy . He lived in the dark and gloomy streets of England . He started his life by stealing dogs . He also worked as an assistant in different shops . He  also worked as a commission agent and got a lot of commission. He has a desire to become the wealthiest person of England . Although he has become the most popular jewellery of England yet his nature is not satisfied. He  wants to get more and more  money . He wants to have relationship with the higher classes. His knowledge about his profession is very wide and up to the mark . He has a lot of experience and capabilities. Although he is an expert jeweller yet he fails to control his emotions . He is also a romantic kind of person he loves the daughter of the Duchess very much, It is because of Diana he is deceived by her mother.

Bacon was an expert jeweller. He was the true representative of the middle class. He bought the false jewellers  from the Duchess when he knew that they were false . There are some certain reasons, that’s why, he was  deceived by the Duchess .When the Duchess arrived in his shop, she had to  wait for ten minutes. This show that he wanted to show his importance. The  Duchess had already cheated him but the  Duchess was aware of his  weakness She knew that he was In love with her daughter Diana, She took full advantage of it, The Duchess told  him that she was in trouble She  needed the money badly, she talked to him very sweetly She needed the money badly .She talked to him very sweetly. She shed tow tears . She invited him to visit her estate and have a weekend with her daughter . Ali these things influenced the jeweller , no doubt, 

The were friends yet enemies he was master she was  mistress each, cheated the other.”

 At last jeweller bought the false pearls and paid twenty thousand pounds. Bacon did this as he was in love with Diana. He was impressed by her tender feelings. Duchess called her husband cheat and devil Furthermore, Diana was his major weakness . He  could do anything for her. In short, the writer rightly remarks that  the Duchess and the jeweller were insincere to each other but they needed each other for their, interest.

The Duchess and the Jeweller Critical Analysis

In this assignment we will discuss The Duchess and the Jeweller Questions Answers  in details so that the student may comprehend its summary, its theme or themes, moral lesson, what is its moral lesson of this story, technique and title justification which are used in this story “The Duchess and the Jeweller. In this article we will inform you about all themes, summary morality , title justification a well as well as complete questions answers that are under below mentioned. Actually it is a critical analysis of the story The Duchess and the Jeweller.

The story “The Duchess and  the jeweller” is about the  moral decadence of the English Elite Class at the end Of the 19 century and  at the beginning of the 20 century. The high ups of English society of Victorian  age were coming down while the commoners  were taking lead . These evidences reveal The Duchess and the Jeweller critical analysis The Duchess  represents aristocracy of  England. She had fallen down from social and moral  pedestal .She  begins to sell the family jewellery and pearls  She even  steals ten pearls of  her husband and the sells them  in the market. She does this for her gambling.

She abuses her husband ,call him a cheat and a devil before bacon , the jeweller Previously, she has cheated the jeweller. Again she cheats again  she cheats the jeweller by inviting him to her estate and has as a good weekend with her daughter, Diana in this way she gets a cheque with twenty  thousand pounds.

“This is a clear example that the aristocracy  had fallen from the pedestal of morality Bacon, the jeweller, is a common person to London. He was born in a Poor family .He spent his childhood in poverty. He raised at the high status by selling stolen dogs and cheap watches to the rich people He got this Status  by dint of hard work which led him to the gold business

In short, the writer has depicted the two classes of Victorian society .The character of the Duchess and Deacon show the  social and moral conditions of the Victorian age.

The Duchess and the Jeweller Questions Answers

Question No 1:

The Duchess and the Jeweller” by Virginia Wolf  mirrors  the society of England?

The Duchess and the jeweller” is set in the sensibility of England of those days?

“The Duchess and the Jeweller” is a clear of the love for wealth and corruption of industrialization  western society of the early 20 century?

How does the story reflects the moral decadence of England aristocracy?

What message does the story live to the common reader?

 The Duchess and the Jeweller mentions the  change in the England society.

What is the theme of the story?  The Duchess and life jewelled


Question No. 3:

The Duchess and the Jeweller Questions Answers

Write a note on the stream of consciousness technique of the writer in the story.


In the story the writer has followed a new kind of style known as the stream of consciousness style. In such a technique of writing plot is not important . Most of the attention is paid on the working of the mind of the character At the same time the psychology of the characters is also most important. In stream of consciousness story, the main character reveals his past and present as well as future life. Oliver Bacon is the example. He reveals his past life by thinking about present . At first  his present and immediately he travels back into his childhood. The next flight is in future In such a technique of writing associational connections play very vital role .The character looks at something which reminds  him about another thing.


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