The Sea Play Edward Summary

The sea play Edward Bond Summary:-

Before starting the summary of the play The sea that has been portrayed by Edward Bond, we will try to know about the modern play and modern literature ingredients and how is it different from classic literature .Because it is very important to know before reading the  summary of the play” The sea that has been written by Edward Bond. Plot inside the drama of the modern era has been almost ended ;we can say that without plot  modern’s writers go into their plays , the story is completely vanished from the surface of the play which was in classic drama before. And we also have to find its own moral lesson and modern theme because there was no one inside it. But this would not happen in the classic play , at the start of chorus, we were told that what would be its morale, and moral lesson.Now at the time of modern time we hardly found out any explicit theme. And we get through with complete guidance ,This does not mean that in these plays  ,there is no themes but hidden themes present in this play which the writer leaves on us that we have to find it ourselves.

Let us now discuss the summary of the drama, which name is The Sea has written by Edward Bond.The play starts on sea shore that  is located  in a small town at the feet of England. The sea is with the storm, Willy and his friend Colin are set out on a boat that suddenly ,this boat goes down. As a result, the Colin is drowning and Willy calls for help but he fails to save his friend. At that moment , Evens comes there who is drunken and he has drunk too much alcohol  , he cannot hear the sound of Willy and cannot understand him. Hatch is on duty there for so long, he comes in front. Willy calls him for help but he  refuses his help, who considers the Willy to be the spy of another country or planet. Hatch orders to Willy to go back from there. Meanwhile , there is a sound of firing. Hatch becomes  happy to hear this so that  Govt. has been firing through a pose to drive the Willy away? Hatch goes from there and Willy is left there alone and crying for Colin’s help. Hatch has also a clothes shop and he comes to the shop on his own time, and mostly he spends his time on that shop.At the moment he is at his shop, a aged woman Mrs. Rafi and her companion Mrs. Tilehouse appear there and he is busy showing the cloth Mrs. Rafi who has a critical outlook woman towards life ,she all the time judges weakness in everything , she is looking metal in everything.She buys a pair of gloves and valvate for curtains. In the meantime, there Willy comes and Mrs. Rafi introduces herself .They talk about Colin’s accident and leave the shop..

Hollarcut ,Thompson,Vicar appear from back part of the shop.Hatch  is first told that Willy is a detective and an agent ahead of any other planet.On sea shore a cottage is occupied by Evens, a bike bicycle is standing near it and Willy comes and knocks on the door of Even’s hut.  The door is closed and Evens visible from behind the hut and sees to Willy. Willy tells to Evens that he is the one whose friend Colin’s was drowned in the sea.Evens tells him from which side Calling’s corpse will come back to sea .Hatch and Hollarcut  arrive there  and they see them to talking each other.Willy starts crying after remembering to his friend Colin , according to Hatch Willy has finished his friend Colin. And he has come here so that he may make Calling’s corpse disappear from there .And Hollarcut warns them and  states that he is also looking at them. And Willy asks him why Hollarcut  is not having crazy color of copper Because he talks like crazy, Evens tells Willy that the town doctor is  also a crazy man so , how he  can declare a mad man to Hollarcut .When Willy tells his name and his friend’s name,then, Evens says he already knows Colin . In Mrs. Rafi’s drawing room Miss Tileshouse , Mafanwy Price , Jilly , and Pastor Vicar are also sitting ۔Mrs. Rafi’s niece comes there, she feels very pain and tired. Everyone looks at her with surprising eyes .Mrs .Rafi tells her to go to her room  she refuses. 

“I am queen of this dark place .My heart burns with a new cold of fire. Your love ,your fear ,your hope _what are they  to me now? dust scattered over the sea.”

Because she wants to see the sea through the window .Where her fiancé has drowned , she is not seem to be normal.Miss Rafi then says the other woman to cover the window with the screen. Mrs. Rafi  collects every  year funds  for security  guards and for safety thunder storm and arranges a stage festival for them so that she may collect donations for them.Mrs. Rafi has caught  of a script by hand and she is playing a major role in this play.The other women are playing an extra role while the Willy comes there.All are ashamed of and they want Will should be go back from there .But Mrs. Rafi  tells willy to stop there and watch the rehearsal.Willy  sits down with Rose and the two start talking about the Colin. Willy looks very sad without his friend Colin .Rose is scared and tells willy to go back to his house but he refuses to leave .Although he is not interested in rehearsals for the drama, Pastor apologies to Willy that . We should not rehearse at this time when a young man in our area is dead .Willy says that he is very sorry that he could not save Colin from drowning.

The sea play  summary part 2

  Hatch is telling to Hollarcut,Thompson and Carter at his shop, in this way, he has made the plan how to compete against all the people of others planets and UFO.

“They come from space .Beyond our world. Their world’s threatened by disaster .If they think we are crowd of weak fools, they ‘ ll all come here. By the million .They ‘ll take our jobs and  our homes .Everything .We ‘ll be slaves working all our lives to make goods for sale on other planets.”

He says that all of us, will have to keep a watch on the UFO .Because many UFOs come in disguise many times according to Hatch.He also considers Willy and Evens to be agents of UFO.

“They aren’t sellers, cannot aren’t even real storms. These people come millions of miles _ they know how to  whip up a  strom when they get here.We might lose a few innocent men. That’s a risk but they ‘re guilty, not us.”

Mrs. Rafi and Tilehouse  come to the Hatch’s shop .Hatch becomes very happy  because he thinks that Mrs. Rafi that has ordered, that order has taken there .But Mrs. Rafi refuses to take clothes.She says that Hatch does not like that she is tired of being , a not  superintendent, irresponsible person. Because Willy told me that’ you didn’t help save Colin” . Mrs. Rafi warns him that she will make a report against  him about it ۔Hatch gets angry and  tells Rafi that Willy is a spy .The actual Willy is dead, while this Willy may harm us in the  disguise of young man.Mrs Rafi takes her servant Thompson from the shop and why he is involved  in the company of Hatch. Hatch is left alone and is very upset ,he is thinking that if Mrs. Rafi does not take this order then, he will have to suffer a huge gardener loss. The company’s touch will eventually fall .

Mrs.Rafi tells to that ,if she does not get hold on others then people will ignore her.She is a role model for others, if she does not do that then people will be disappointed because” I am compelled for everyone to realize their duty and disciplines

“I think I ‘m like a lighthouse in their word .I give them a sense of order and security .My glares mark out a channel to the safe harbor. I ‘m so tired of them .I ‘m tired of being a sideshow in their little world .Nothing else was open to me.”

.But now I am fed up with them, Miss Rafi tells Willy that I only know to How to act’ .And she looks her surrounding and says that,it is good that everyone else has gone there  because her opinion is still that they do not know how to act accordingly.That is why or it means that she considers herself  as a noble woman at all.

Mrs. Rafi narrates that people are waiting when she will be grow old  and come to the’ Wheel chair And be fascinated by all of them so that they can avenge me for all their insults .All these people want  me to be absolutely lonely and weak and’ I should be a little less or a good and useless person for all them”.

I ‘ ll grow old and shout at them from a wheelchair that’s why they ‘re waiting for .They get their own back for all the year I bullied them They wheel you where they like.” Take me there.” “You went there yesterday.”we want to go the other way.”

Willy comes to meet in Evens hut. Evens tells him that the investigation of the Colin’s case has been completed, according to him Colin’s death acquire cause of drowning. Not being murdered  .He asks to Willy either  he is satisfied with investigation .Evens asks to Willy  when he is leaving from here, Willy replies to him , he will leave tomorrow morning .Willy tells Evens that he should go to the village for a little time it is good ,so, that it is  possible to harm Hatch’s companions. Willy, asks to Evens about his life philosophy .

“I believe in the the rat.What’s worst thing you can imagine? The universe is lived in by things that kill and this has gone for all time. Sometimes the universe is crowded with killing things .Or at any rate there are created pools of them in space. Perhaps that’s so now .At other times , it falls out that they ‘ ve killed everything off including each other ,of course ,and the universe is almost deserted. But not quite somewhere on a star a rat will hide under a stone .It will look out on the broken desert and from time to to time it will scattered out to feed on the debris.”

And he answers him that the fight continues everywhere in life but still life remains in existence. People are killing one another in the name of false concepts.He tells him about the intensity of life in the sea and the devastation that results in the fight. Evens brings to Willy about life, that if all humans are killed in the result of this fight, but there will still be a mouse left somewhere, which will lead to life again and you can come back to life. 

His philosophy about life is very much clear ,we can be seen in this way:-

” I also believe in the wise rat catcher. He can bear to live in the minutes as well as the year, and he understands the voice of the thing he is going to kill .Suffering is a” Universal language” and everything that has a voice is Human.”

He also attaches the philosophy of sea and raw material for life continuously that is under below:-

“I believe in the rat catcher .I believe in sand and stone and water because the wind stirs them into dirty  sea and water and it gives birth to  living things. I believe the universe lives. It teems with life .Men take themselves to be very strong and cunning .But who can kill space or time or  dust? They destroy everything but they only make the material of life .All destruction is finally petty and in the end life laughs at death.”

Willy asks to Evens either he should stay here he responds to him that you leave from here and start searching for the truth.

Then, he clearly describes in this manners:-

No .Go away .You wouldn’t find any more answers here .Go away and find them. Don’t give up hope. That’s always silly the truth’s waiting for you, it is very patient, and you ‘ll find it. Remember, I’ ve told you these things so that you wouldn’t despair. But you must still change the world.”

The truth is waiting for you but you  should always  be hopeful.I have told you all this so that you do not despair .But you must change the condition of this smart race and spread the message of love.Meanwhile,  Rose comes there  and says that the packing is complete and they should reach the station quickly.She also asks what he was talking with Evens.Willy replies to her , he has come here for see of to Evens and he is happy that Rose has decided to go with him.And after it Willy and Rose leave the village forever.At this point play is ended. 

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