The Shadow in the Rose Garden Love Story

The Shadow in the Rose Garden summary
Question No, 1:
What kind of story is The Shadow in the Rose Garden: love, of hatred or of
something else?
What is the main theme or main lesson of the story. The Shadow in the Rose
What does the writer want to justify and convey to us through his story, “The
Shadow in the Rose Garden “Give an account of the row or estrangement between the husband and wife.
What is its result?
What is the cause or reason of row or estrangement between the husband and
wife? How is it settled?
Explain The Shadow in the Rose Garden,, as a love story?

D.H. Lawrence is a famous novelist, poet and short story writer. He novels and stories are almost
based on the love and sexual relation. He is a realist. For him the greatest reality of life is
relationships and love.

The Shadow in the Rose Garden Summary

The story is The Shadow in the Rose Garden: theme love, theme of hatred or of something else, its summary and critical analysis suggests that it is about love, it is a love story .In this story a newly married couple visited a seaside town. The lady had already visited there before
marriage with her lover. That time, they promised to marry with each other . But the girl married an
engineer rank. as she was wrongly informed that her lover had died. At this time the young girl
remembered her lover and past incidents in the same garden.

You mean you had your fling with an army officer and then you came
to me to marry you”.

Her husband left her alone in the garden and came back to home. Suddenly she saw her ex-lover
roaming there. He had gone mad now. She was grieved over his bad condition and came back to her
home. Her husband asked her the reason of her grief She told her the whole love story. Firstly her
husband became angry to her but after some time, he consoled her. But her husband tried to
continue his talk as if nothing had happened. At last he becomes silent with rage.
In short, it is a story of love and hatred between the husband and his wife.
Question No, 2:
Is the title of the story suitable?

It is very true ‘The Shadow in the Rose Garden’ that the title of the story is very suitable as well as its theme . The importance Of the title is very important
right from the beginning of the story till its end. The married couple is living a very broken type of
life. The wife is always or disturbed due to a shadow which has darkened her life. She was in love in
her past life. The previous lover remained a constant presence in her life . Her previous love affair
was a shadow on her head. When the shadow was removed her life became normal. So the title is
absolutely gripping and magical that kept the importance.
Secondly. the characters the story are directly connected with this title. The husband wants cordial
relationship with his quite but she does not like that. This is only because of the shadow of her previous lover and love affair. The husband is worried all the time due broken relationship . He
wants to have normal relationship based and warmth of hearts. The characters of both the husband
and wife are broken due to this idea. Hence the title is very suitable keeping in view the character
presentation of the writer.
Thirdly, the whole story revolves around the love shadow and the lover. Throughout the story the
husband and wife remain in conflict with each other only because the shadow over the head of the
wife. When the shadow is removed she becomes normal.
Fourthly, the Background of the story is very suitable for the suitability of this title. The husband and
wife went to a spot that was directly related to the wife due which she was having the broken life.
Ultimately the shadow is removed by the arrival of her lover there and the knowledge gave her
strength of passions that the lover was mad not a normal man. Hence she decided to rebuild her
relationship with her husband on solid and strong footings.

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