The Verger Maugham Summary

Q1:- What is the summery of this story?

Ans:- This story is about a verger who does his duty with full attention and honesty. The pastor is very happy about his work and love for duty. His name is Albert Foreman. Today in this article we are Today in this article we are gonna discuss summary of famous story written by “The Verger Maugham” gonna discuss summary of famous story written by “The Verger Maugham”. He is the Verger of St. peter church. He is very happy about his duty. He is satisfied to his work. He has been serving the church since sixteen years. But now the time is changing for him. The new pastor of church does not like him because he is uneducated.

He gives time to him for study, but the verger says that “he does not learn read and write in this period of life’’. In this story ,The Verger Maugham Summary The pastor says him to leave the service of the verger. The verger becomes very upset and disturb.

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One day he was going back to his home. He forgot his street and walked in the other street. Suddenly, he felt to take some cigarettes. But there was no shop in the long street. He thought a plan. He bought a shop and built a smoking shop. After ten years he had become owner of ten more cigarette shops in the other long streets. He keeps all his wealth in bank.

One day his manager says to him that you will earn more money if you invest your money in other schemes,then he can do so . He agrees with his advice. The manager says to him for sign on the paper. He says that he is uneducated. The manager becomes shock and says if you would be educated ,you would have become more rich man. The verger says “as if I were educated I was a verger”.

Knowledge is power but power is power

Q2:-The story “The Verger” is justifies the ending.

Ans:-The story “The verger” is a very unique story. In this story, the writer tells that some time educations defeated by fate. Men get only that are in their fate. Some people say that if we become rich person we should learn reading and writing. This statement is quite right, but some time uneducated person gets a large numbers of moneys. This is the game the of fate.

In the story, The verger , the writer summaries that if we want to make a big gun in our society then We should work hard day and night. No,doubt, knowledge is power but wealth is also a power in this world ,no body can refuse it .If we want to show a successful in our society then we should gain knowledge as well as business tact

This story has a superb ending. In the beginning of this story a person whom name is Forman. He is the verger in St. Peter church. He had been serving the church since years. But the time changes for him. The new pastor says to him that he must be leave this job. He becomes very dis-heart and he forgets his house way . He wants to cigarette. But he does not find any cigarette in a long street. He decides to make a cigarette shop in long-street. After ten years, he makes more ten smoking shops. He becomes a big trader of cigarette brand . The ending of this story is very impressive. Every man wants to make a big man in this world. The verger makes a large numbers of money in the last of the story.

In short, the writer wants to understand us that if we behooves a rich man then We should work hard. We can get success in this world without education if we have a strong determination as well as business tact

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