• SOLITUDE  By (ELLA WHEELER WILCOX)                            
  • In misery all the people are not your friends but in happiness all the people are your friends. How and why?

The poem”Solitude”reveals profound theme in itself which has been written by ‘ELLA WHEELER WILCOX’.As we know that its title is “Solitude” represents thematic significance.Solitude means loneliness and it is hard reality of life is that a man has to live alone and die alone.It is bony reality of life.In this poem,the Poetess reveals a real face of the people.This poem is a great satire on us,our thoughts,our level of thinking.The Poetess points out a social evil.We cannot decline that the Poetess says to us in this poem.We should think deeply about this poem.

The Poetess explains that all the friends are not friends of us but they are friends of money. All the friends are only for happiness.There are no friends when we fall in trouble.Now a day, the friends are like as a fair weather friends.If we have money they walk around us.When we are poor,they see to us from far away and cut off their journey.They think that they are hunger,they will demand to us for food or etc.

The Poetess reveals the thoughts of the people about poor.When we make a rich or an officer all the people salute us but on the other side if we are in problem then they say that we have no time.”We will see you soon”. All the people get ready to sacrifice for the rich man,but they do not help the poor.A poor dies with hunger and coldness no one gives him food or clothes. But they give gifts to the rich. It is hard reality of life

The Poetess tells us the true face of the people.The Poetess advises to us that we should not adopt this dualism between rich and poor. We are equal,we should serve equal.It is better for our society.Solitude is not very much bad rather our attitude is too much.

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