Themes in Importance of being earnest

Themes in Importance of being earnest

In importance of being earnest there are hypocrisy, love, money, marriage, deception themes which unveil the fake mask of elite class. First of all, we discuss about theme of love this is one of the major themes of the play importance of being earnest. In importance of being earnest there are three love affairs one is between Jack and Cecily one is between in Algernon and Gwendolen Fairfax and last one is between Miss Prism and doctor Chasuble. As we know that all the love affair reached its climax and completed without any serious hurdle and obstacle. A lightly hurdle comes up in the respect of Lady Bracknell who declares that the marry cannot be celebrated at loss unless Jack provides parents even though any sex of them.

Let’s discuss one by one the “Love Affairs” that are included in importance the importance of being earnest play. First of all, the love of Algernon and Gwendolen Fairfax is discussed here, there is no doubt the opening scene, in act 1, there is a tea party has been arranged already between Jack and Algernon but mostly it was lady Bracknell, where we come to know that Jack ,actually, he falls in love with Gwendolen Fairfax and wants to expresses his feeling at once but he has no chance that is why he takes to help by Algernon. He is easily get ready to do so. So far as they prepare plan and  at last they decided that Algernon keep away to lady Bracknell and in this moment Jack expresses his feeling with Gwendolen.

It is seen that when lady Bracknell arrival takes place then Algernon does so as they have made a plane, finally, Jack gets opportunity and  he finally releases his feelings and emotions in the air but Gwendolen never impresses because she wants something different but when she realizes that he cannot do so. She simply says that he can at least proposes in conventional manner. She readily accepts his proposal. In this all scenes, we have knowledge that Jack is so confused in proposing and he has no experience but on the other hand we note that Algernon is skillful in love expressing and he knows that very how to behave before a young girls and what does they want in proposal that would be a compliment, heart touching and poetic words that are produced by Algernon in Cecily’s case but Jack is too much shameful he cannot do so he is very weak and gentleman but it does not mean he is a fool.

Themes: Importance of being earnest satire on Victorian society and deception

Importance of being earnest is satire on Victorian society and in this era deception is rampant all over the England, A s we know  that when a society falls down from average morality then it is an alarming situation for a society .In Victorian society there is very much weakness, shallowness, trivialities etc. Deception is on the top in the moral weakness of  Victorian society. It is said that evil is not so much dangerous in itself while evils are considered not as in evils  shape then there is huge problem for a society. The same case we encounter in Importance of being earnest, the people do not consider a sin or crime deceit others.

Deception starts with Jack when he orders to his servant that he should bring cucumber sandwich for Lady Bracknell because she is very fond of it. The servant brings but before coming of lady the sandwich have been eaten by Jack and when she comes into his house and demands her sandwich then he tells a lie and says that sandwiches  are not present in market even in net cash. Actually, it was common in Victorian society , deception was considered just was a minor case, not moral defect.

Victorian people give preference to surfaces and appearances

Victorian society has false standards of their living. Cecily and Gwendolen respect the boys on the base of their names not due to their realities and characters. Both the girls follow the false standards about love and marriage. Oscar Wilde makes fun of these false notions. All the characters in the play seem to live a artificial life. In this way Importance of Being Earnest is Satire on Victorian Society and Deception.

Arrogant nature of the upper class

The Victorian people considered them as superior and better then the ordinary men of the society. They were living their life according to their own principles. Lady Bracknell shows the arrogant behavior towards all the characters in the play. She belongs to the upper class of the Victorian society and does not consider the value of the contemporary men, she uses to suspect about the parental identity of the Jack and considered him as he were the founding at the station and she does not want to bring a match with him.

She arrogantly asks him about his family background and status in the society. ,She is interested to take the control and charge over the life of the other characters. She wants to derive them according to her own desire and will, She takes the complete charge on the life of her daughter and tries to find a perfect suit for her in the contemporary society and She values the surface and appearances over the inner realities.

Love and marriage was taken as trivial subject

Love and marriage is one the prominent themes in Importance of being earnest The characters in the play show a hypocritical behavior in the selection of their partner for marriage. Victorian ladies show tendencies to attract towards the man whose name is Earnest. For this purpose Jack adopts the name of Earnest to marry the right urban girl. Jack was leading a double life in the London to marry the urban girl. He went to met his friend Algernon in the town while leading a double life, he met Gewendolen there and she loves the man whose name is earnest. He introduces himself as the earnest and she was hurriedly inclined towards him. She uses to love and admire him because his name was earnest. They were tied in a relationship just because of his name.

Satire on the Victorian morals and religious attitude

Oscar has highlighted the religious attitude of the Victorian people. He uses to reveal his religious manners in the most satirical manner. Dr. Chasuble attitude in his sermons was commendable and satirical to the theme of the play. It seems that he himself lack the moral consciousness. He was a priest and uses to repeat the sermons with a little change in them. He accepts before Miss Prism to gain her affection that shows that he lacks in his moral conducts and behavior. So we can analyze that the play is highly satirical about the conduction and manners of the Victorian society. They follow the dictates of the fashions in the modern Victorian society. At the end we can say that Importance of Being Earnest Satire on Victorian Society and Deception.

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