Trifles Play Summary and Analysis by Susan Glaspell

Trifles Play Summary and Analysis by Susan Glaspell  (ONE Act PLAY)

Trifles Play Summary and Analysis by Susan Glaspell: The play starts with the description of abandoned farmhouse. The condition of the house is looking completely disordered. There were several tasks which were left unfinished inside the house. Dishes in the kitchen were placed unwashed and bread was ready to be baked. There seems to be some kind of investigation initiated regarding a crucial crime. Five people were group of George Henderson, The local Sheriff, Lewis Hale, Count Attorney and Henry Peters. Lewis Hale was the only man who had just discovered a murdered man. The murdered man was strangled to death with the assistance of a rope last night. Mr. Hale questioned about the murder of Mr. Wright. But her wife pretended that she was sleeping at the time of murder of her husband. The group of three men is wandering in the house to search the evidence after the murder of Mr. Wright. Mrs. Wright is major suspect of the murder in the Mid-western farmhouse. Mr. Hale and Mrs. Hale turns out to be real sleuths after the immediate investigation in the Mid-western farmhouse. Some female things that were left unfinished proved to be reason of solving the mysterious case later in the play. These petty things allowed all the group members to solve the unturned mystery in the play.

As so far as “Trifles Play Summary and Analysis by Susan Glaspell is concerned,” two of the group members have come there in the presence of their wives. Mr. Hale is curious to narrate the details about the experience of finding dead body of the murdered person at the mid-west farmhouse that is looking much snobbish after the murder of Mr. Wright. He was ordered to stay silent about the presence of telephone line in the very next house to the farmhouse. He started a quarrel with Minnie Wright who was sitting in the couch and anxious to announce that her husband is dead now.

Mr. Hale went to the upper apartment of the house through the stairs in order to continue his investigation after the horrible murder of Mr. Wright. Her wife claimed that she was lying in the bed when someone strangled her husband to death with the help of a rope. But soon she was arrested of being accused of murder of her husband. She was kept in cell until her trail in the court. The men present for collecting evidence did not observed minutely in the kitchen for evidence but they have seen broken fruit jars left unturned in the kitchen in farmhouse. Mannie was really anxious about the exploding of her canning jars while kept in cell under her trial. Men were mocking at the bitter reality that a woman under severe trial was worried only for exploding of her canning jar items. The member of the group tried to mock and criticize the dirt spread in the kitchen and the poor housekeeping in Mr. Wright house after murder of her husband.

The men at the farmhouse went to the upper apartment of the farmhouse to collect several requested items by the Mannie. These requested items includes apron and different clothes that were needed by her at cell under her trail. The looked astonished at the fact that man was strangled to death with the help of rope when there was availability of gun at the house that can shoot better the men. The man noticed that woman was really anxious about stitching of the quilt and shows her little concern about the poor stitching. The men present there were making fun of this poor stitching. Then there was a strange item found in the farm house. They found a birdcage at the farmhouse but there was no bird in the cage at the time of discovery. Mr. Hale soon seems to show his regret in this case because he has not visited the house often. He knew about the fact that Mr. Right was a strange man and she must have bear difficulty in residing alone at the farmhouse. Mannie was a very cheerful lady before her marriage. She used to sing beautifully and to play songs in the choir. But this seems to be very unpleasant after her marriage that everything looked ugly and shabby. Then they have discovered a red beautiful box which was beautifully covered. The men tried to uncover it and they found that dead bird was not present in the box and it was immediately missed from the box. It neck was also broken and it was some kind of symbolic presence. When the group members returned in the house after the investigation the women present in the house tried to hide the box with the help of dead body of the missed bird. The men again disappeared from the sight and the women remembered about the killing of a pet kitten in the childhood. The men visited at the jail and asked from the Sheriff if they want to observe the items that have been brought to jail on her demand.

The count Attorney mocks at the unveiling of certain mysterious things in the play. They have discovered about the anxiety of Mannie about trivial things. They have discovered about the mysterious of trivial matters and trifle things. During the investigation period the group members have discovered about the fate of Mrs. Wright who have suffered a lot due to her poor stitching projects and poor kitchen items. At the end of the people the have unveiled about the hidden realities of trivial matters about which a women were anxious during her trial period at cell. They kept on joking and laughing to see the items demanded by Mrs. Wright at cell. She was much anxious about little matters of her life. The biggest mystery of the murder of the Mr. Wright helped to uncover different underlying realities. Several mysterious objects were discovered during the investigation of the murder at the Mid-West house. Mr. Hale remained astonished at the end of the play to know about different hidden realities. At the end of  “Trifles Play Summary and Analysis by Susan Glaspell” Mr. Hale used to remind the murderer lady that she was going to knot her quilt in order to finish her recent stitching project. He jokes that he is now aware of the quilt project initiated by the lady. So we can say “Trifles Play Summary and Analysis by Susan Glaspell” is ended here.

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