What is Proper noun and common noun, definition, examples| proper noun examples in sentences

What is Proper noun and common noun, definition, examples, proper noun examples in sentences

In this article we will try to explain What is Proper noun and common noun, definition, examples proper noun examples as well as in sentences in easy way but first of all, we will have to know what is Noun.

What is Noun?

Noun is a word that is used for name of person, place, thing, quality, action, etc.
Person: Clinton, Ali
Quality: Honesty
Things: Computer, cycle
Action: Race, Swimming.

So, we can say that proper noun is a type of noun, indeed, what is proper noun and common noun, definition, in sentences,  for examples John lives in London, in sentence John and London are proper noun it is also used for special things, and name for examples Joe, John, India, Pakistan and what is its definition, it is under below.

What is proper noun or definition?

What is Proper noun and common noun, definition, examples, proper noun examples in sentences
What is Proper noun and common noun, definition, examples, proper noun examples in sentences


A proper noun is a name
of special person, place, thing, etc.
 Name of special person pets are also proper Noun and require capitalization.
Types of proper Noun
Titles of people:
Proper nouns also include titles of People like Queen Victoria, President Abraham and Lincoln
Types of proper Noun
of Places :

Places” Another types of proper noun are special Places including Countries states, cities and particular location Examples England, Santiago South street Seaport, and Ebbets  field.

Calendar days: Months and days of the Week are Proper nouns like September and Thursday. The month of the Year Proper nouns while Season not Proper noun are thus not capitalized. Holidays proper noun;  special Holidays are Proper noun such as Labor day
Brand and company names are also proper noun and are capitalized.
Titles of Work, specific took Work of art and literature
Definition of Proper noun be capitalization, Proper nouns is the name of specific person of thing place is a proper noun and must capitalized
Proper noun capitalization Rules
The first letter of Proper noun must be capitalized in addition if a proper noun, consist of multiple Words The first letter each of the important Words need to be capitalized.
What is common noun and what is proper noun? :
Common Noun
Name which is common to any person or thing of the same kind is called common noun
Example City,Book and Table while Proper Noun is Name of a particular person, place or thing is called proper noun for Example Sialkot, Sindh and London.
Pooper noun capitalization Examples
It is very important that the key knowing the key word that capitalization of Proper noun. We know that proper noun is the name of specific place Person or thing Proper non and must be capitalize, Proper noun fall into a variety of different types, categories Name of people Name of Pets. geographic location. Chicago, Asia, Ireland, Mount Everest, Mississippi River, Months January February days of the Week. Monday, Tuesday, holidays, Eid ul Fiter,  Christmas, astronomical names Planets, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, non profit organization names, Company  school names, religion  faiths names, cities names, states names specific titles, President Obama, Judge Thomas Couse,  Names historical periods, events languages  nationalities brand names.
Examples the Proper noun 
Examples the Proper noun in Sentences that sentences are
1 Jack loves Emilia very much
2 Ali goes to college daily so that he may pass.
3 Joe beats the bad boy.
4 Satan is the hero of paradise lost.
5 They lived in London
Above under and bold word are proper nouns. Remember a proper noun is a specific unique
Person, Place, thing, or idea unlike common nouns, proper noun are almost always capitalized.
In 1947, Yolag before your great grand parents were born, our USA government established Jasmine National Park. In this sentence USA government National Park are proper nouns because they are specific names of titles. When a nouns is specific like this, it is Proper nounband must be capitalized.
Examples of Proper noun
London, U.S.A government Pakistan,  National Park
Before becoming a us national
Park the US government area
happy tone was home to the Ahmed and
Zainab People for many generation.
in this sentence: USA, Ahmed, Zainab, all proper nouns because
they are specific names or titles. When noun is specific like this, it is proper noun and must be capitalized. Ahmed,  Salah has a similar tone but the actual life of Salah was more interesting that what we Saw on screen, in this sentences Ahmed and Salah are Proper nouns because
they are specific names or titles When a noun is specific like this, it is proper and must be capitalized, proper noun Ahmed, Salah.

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